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Unique contribution by Branches

The South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) is a voluntary association, managed by members for members. Branches and their activities are the heart-beat of the organisation. The enthusiasm and success of this branch-driven model is unique if one considers that the people involved are doing it because they really care, without expecting any remuneration for their work.

Branch management
The management of SAHGCA’s 81 branches, which are grouped into 15 regions (since April 2014), is a success story of note in the hunting sector. The dedication and enthusiasm of the branch management teams are solely responsible for this achievement.

In most instances these individuals who manage branches effectively are also successful in their own careers and lead very busy lives. It is very easy for such a person to be overwhelmed with the responsibilities of the branch which may have a negative impact on his/her personal and professional lives. Ultimately, the branch often loses the services of these dedicated members owing to time constraints and work pressure.

It is important that the principle of shared responsibility is well-established at branch level. Members must realise that their contributions can help tremendously to spread the workload. Sharing the responsibilities among members stimulate enthusiasm throughout the branch. Greater involvement encourages enthusiasm and branches flourish as a result!

We call on all members who participate and enjoy branch activities to approach their branch management and offer their assistance in one way or another. Every little bit helps to share the workload to the benefit of all. It is true that the success of a branch depends on its management team, but without the participation by and contribution from its members, even the most enthusiastic management team will struggle to achieve success.

Culture at branches
The second main reason for successful SAHGCA branches is the unique culture at each branch which offers a home where members can participate in and enjoy common interests. Within reasonable guidelines, SAHGCA encourages branches to develop their own identity. Urban branches differ from rural branches, and even neighbouring rural branches may each have a unique character. Members joined SAHGCA to follow their passion for hunting, shooting and nature. Branches give members the opportunity to get involved in activities that support their lifestyle.

Participation in branch activities
Members that are not yet involved at branch activities are encouraged to do so. Guests at branch meetings are always pleasantly surprised to see the structure and camaraderie among members who share the same views on hunting and firearm ownership.

At national level, SAHGCA offers excellent infrastructure and services that members can only enjoy if they participate in branch activities.

Non-members and members of other hunting associations join SAGHCA to share in the quality and scope of services that the Association offers at national and branch level. Please attend your branch meetings and participate in the activities that support our hunting tradition and natural heritage.

Establishing new branches
Establishing and managing new branches are subject to specific requirements. Members will notice that the number of branches are increasing gradually, which proves that the success of existing branches encourages the establishment of branches in areas that have not previously enjoyed the benefits of a well managed branch.

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