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Photography News 5 October 2021

Photography News 5 October 2021

New in the monthly newsletter:
*training dates
*the top 30, as well as the winner of the #birds Photo Challenge
*the new categories and updated rules for the 2022 Amateur Photo Competition

SA Hunter’s Photography Training

Training is part of the initiative to promote photography in the Union.

Online sessions

On 15 October from 19:00 till 21:00, the online session on Exposure Modes will be hosted and repeated on 16 October from 15:00 till 17:00 (Program mode, Depth-of-field mode, Shutter speed mode, Manual mode). Participation is free for members of SA Hunters and Photography club members. Please book early; send an email to Marette Bennett at sahuntphoto@gmail.com


The 2-day workshop, as introduced in the monthly newsletters, will be held at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve on the following dates:

22/23 October 2021
29/30 October 2021
12/13 November 2021
11/12 December 2021

The management has conditioned a considerable 25% discount for members of SA Hunters. The cost of the 2-day workshop is R2800 for members and R3800 for non-members. Therefore it is advantageous for family and friends to join the Union to enjoy this benefit. Only six people per workshop will be accommodated. Space is consequently limited; interested parties must book in early to avoid disappointment.

Members of SA Hunters, who would prefer individual training, will be eligible for a discount of 15% on the usual price of R4800 for the 2-day course. Individual classes will take place on weekdays; interested parties should send 3 to 4 possible dates with their booking.

Bookings must be done via email, and sent to Marette Bennett sahuntphoto@gmail.com

The workshop will cover the following aspects of photography over two days:

  • Exposure triangle – Shutter speed, depth-of-field and light sensitivity (ISO)
  • Exposure modes
  • Exposure compensation
  • Shooting modes
  • Focus system
  • Metering modes
  • White balance
  • Camera setup
  • Image composition

Course notes are included – more information will follow after booking.

SA Hunters Photography Club

The SA Hunters Photography Club is already well-known and very successful. Click here to join the Facebook group, and feel free to invite other people.

The Photography Club’s Facebook highlights can be found under Photoblog, on the SA Hunters website. Click here

More than 200 photos of the most stunning birds, were entered for the photo challenge in September. The winner of the #birds-Challenge is Cathe Roets. Cathe wins the beautiful book: Insider’s Guide, How and Where to Photograph Birds in Southern Africa, by Isak Pretorius, sponsored by SA Hunters.

Click here to view Cathe’s exceptional winning photo of her Bateleur on Facebook.
Click here to view the top 30 #birds gallery on Facebook.
Click here for the top 30 #birds website link.

The theme for the October photo-challenge is #cats.

The rules for the photo challenge is straightforward:

*It has to be photos of a cat/cats (house cat, wild cat, up to a BIG cat – in other words, it can be any cat) which you have taken yourself,

 *mark the photo #cats (to enable admin to find it at the end of the month with ease),

 *include the information with the photo – species, where, when, camera or smartphone, and camera settings (F-stop, ISO, shutter speed),

*members can enter as many times as they like.

Click here for more information on Facebook en here for the website link.

Members of SA Hunters who don’t have Facebook, but would also like to take part in the challenge, can send an email to sahuntphoto@gmail.com for more information or send photos with #cats in the subject line, together with all the above photo information, as well as your personal information.

We plan to expand the Photography Club in 2022 to the branch level. The strategy will be to appoint a Photography co-ordinator at each branch, who can organise outings, and photo opportunities and initiate more photo challenges. The management is currently busy establishing the “Junior Club,” which will be launched in 2022. More information will follow.

SA Hunters Amateur Photo Competition

End of September, the 2021 round of the SA Hunters Amateur Photo Competition has come to an end. The overall winner and category winners for the year are to be announced at, end of October.

The 2022-photo competition already kicks off in October 2021 and will stretch till September 2022. December and January will be judged together as one month.

The Categories for the 2022 Amateur Photo Competition are as follows:

1) Fauna en Flora DSLR/mirrorless(everything in nature native to South Africa)

 2) Fauna en Flora Smartphone (everything in nature native to South Africa)

 3) Branch Activities DSLR/mirrorless/smartphone (all the goings-on at the branches of SA Hunters)

 4) The Shooting Range DSLR/mirrorless/smartphone(all activities on the shooting range. Please note: firearm and shooting range safety must be maintained at all times when taking photos)

 5) The Hunting Ground DSLR/mirrorless/smartphone(People and animals in the hunting ground, but no photos of the animals that was shot. Hunting photos can be sent to Bokspog at SA Hunterter magazine bokspog@sahunter.org )

The rules for 2022 were updated. Please read and take note of all the rules:

  • Only one photo per email must accompany an entry.
  • Send the entries together with the following information to sahuntphoto@gmail.com:
    1. Name and surname
    2. SA Hunters member number
    3. SA Hunters branch
    4. Cell phone number
    5. Email address
    6. Category for which the photograph is entered into
    7. Location where the photograph was taken
    8. Title of photo
    9. Camera/smartphone and lens model (lens not for smartphones)

      (Tip: cut and paste the above 9-point list in your email for every entree)
  • Photographs must be larger than 2MB but smaller than 6MB.
  • All metadata must be visible and not blocked.
  • Smartphone photos must be on a ratio of 3:4. No full-frame photos will be accepted.
  • Smartphone photos must be taken without filters of special effects.

Click here for the rest of the rules and more information.

The September-Round is still being judged; the winner will be announced in the next newsletter.

The Augustus-Awards in the SA Hunters Amateur Photo Competition can be found here.

Please direct all photography queries to Marette Bennett at sahuntphoto@gmail.com or phone the following number during office hours 082 553 4719.

Friendly Regards

Marette Bennett

SAJWV-SAHGCA Photography Administration and Co-ordinator

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