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Photography News 23 November 2022

Photography Newsletter  23 November 2022

New in this newsletter:
*Photography awards in August and November
*Winning photograph and photographer of the year 2022
*Category winners and winning photographs 2022
*2023 Photography competition
*Winners of the photo challenge #horns
*New photo challenge #reptiles
*Mini Photo challenge #pictureperfect

SA Hunters Amateur Photography Competition

Our August competition had 65 entries of which 33 received awards. Congratulations to the following members it that received gold in various categories: Pierre van der Berg, Edmund Hatting, Boetie Kirchner and Monique Potgieter.

Click the link to view the album on the website August

In September we received 70 entries of which 44 were award winners. Congratulations to the following members that received gold in the various categories: Pierre van der Berg, Rachelle van Niekerk, Steve Kloppers, Edmund Hattingh and Monique Potgieter.

Click the link to view the album on the website: September

Members that earned gold, silver, and bronze certificates, will find it on their member profile pages. We also send members a digital certificate for every winning photograph by e-mail. Members can order gold, silver, or bronze badges  (similar to the shooting badges) through their branches. Members will receive via e-mail an additional digital certificate for every award-winning photograph.

Winning photograph and Photographer of the Year 2022

The winning photograph of the year is ‘’Chaos at the vulture hide’’ taken by Pierre van der Berg.

The photographer of the year is Pierre van der Berg of the Pretoria East Branch. During 2022, Pierre received 48 gold awards for his photographs.

Congratulations Pierre. SA Hunters appreciates your entries to the photography competition and the addition to our photographic portfolio.
Click here to view the winning photograph and our photographer of the year.

Category winners 2022

This year’s entries in the photograph competition were of an exceptional quality. For the first time, more than 100 photographs were awarded gold certificates and qualified as category winners. Three well-known photographers outside of SA Hunters were among the judges that received high resolution photographs without knowing who the photographers were. It took them four weeks to finalise their decisions. Congratulations to all the winners whose photographs have been included on the top entries list.

Fauna and Flora ML/DSLR (mirrorless and SLR cameras)

Winner: Pierre van der Berg, Pretoria East Branch

First runner-up:  Rony Horstink, Overberg Branch

Second runner-up: Edmund Hattingh, Houtkapper Branch

Fauna and Flora SMART (smart phones and tablets)

Winner: Boetie Kirchner, Griekwaland-Wes

First runner-up: Sasha Bornman, Mopani

Second runner-up: Sasha Bornman, Mopani

The Shooting Range ML/DSLR/SMART

Winner: Pierre van der Berg, Pretoria East

First runner-up: Monique Potgieter, Sandrivier-58

Second runner-up: Tyronne Cass, Mopani


Winner: Boetie Kirchner, Griekwaland Wes

First runner-up: Boetie Kirchner, Griekwaland Wes

Second runner-up: Pierre van der Berg, Pretoria East

We received fewer entries in the category for Branch Activities and Conservation ML/DSLR/SMART, than in the other categories. We will retain this category in 2023 but encourage members to support it in the future. Because we understand that members prefer to enter photographs of nature, we amended the rules to inspire entries in the other categories.

The complete list of names per category is available here.

The complete album on the website is available here.

Members will receive a digital brag certificate by e-mail for every winning photograph.

The categories in the 2023 Amateur Photography Competition are:

1) Fauna and Flora DSLR/mirrorless *(all in nature unique to Southern Africa)
2) Fauna and Flora smartphone/tablet *(all in nature unique to Southern Africa)
3) Branch Activities and Conservation *(the doings of members at branch level / any conservation actions or the opposite of conservation, such as pollution and traps in the field)
4) The Shooting Range DSLR/mirrorless/smartphone/tablet *(the events on the shooting range and during competitions. REMEMBER firearms, shooting range and hunting safety must be maintained throughout when taking photos)
5) The Hunt DSLR/mirrorless/smartphone/tablet *(people and animals in the hunting field, what happens around the hunting field, but not photos of hunted animals. Feel free to send photos of trophy and hunted animals to Bokspog in SA Hunter/SA Hunter at bokspog@sahunter.org REMEMBER firearms, shooting range and hunting safety must be maintained at all times when taking photos) 

NEW category:
Mentorship DSLR/mirrorless/smartphone/tablet. We are inviting members’ photographs that depict mentorship in this new category. *(Read more about  SA Jagters Mentorskap Program)

NEW rules: In category 1 and 2 (Fauna and Flora) members may enter a maximum of 5 photographs per month. In category 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Branch activities and conservation, The shooting range, The Hunt, Mentorship) members may inter a maximum of 5 photographs per month. This is a total of 10 photographs that a member may enter per month.

NEW rule: Clearly indicate the category of your entry in the subject line of the e-mail message, e.g., November photography competition

NB: Only send one photograph per e-mail entry, and remember to include the following information with every entry:

  • Name and surname
  • SA Hunters member number
  • SA Hunters Branch
  • Mobile number
  • E-mail address
  • Entrance category
  • Location where photograph was taken
  • Title of photograph
  • Camera
  • Lens (not for smartphones and tablets)

    (Tip: Cut and paste the 10 requirements above in your e-mail text box of every entry)
  • Photographs must be 300dpi and bigger than 2MB but smaller than 10MB.
  • All meta data must be visible.
  • Smart phone photographs must by aspect ratio 3:4. Full frame photographs are not accepted.
  • Smart phone photographs must be taken without filters and special effects.

The 2023 photography competition officially opens with the publication of this this newsletter and ends on 30 September 2023. Entries already received, will be allocated according to the appropriate category.

SA Hunters Photograph Club

The SA Hunters Photography Club boasts 2245 members. The club’s official communication is on Facebook for now. Click here to join the Facebook-group. You are welcome to invite others to join. The Photography Club’s Facebook highlights can be viewed on SA Hunters website under Photo blog here. Click here to view etiquette and Facebook-rules.

Photography Club Photo challenge

#horns – August/September

The theme of the August/September photo challenge was #horns. We received about 150 entries.
The top 50 gallery is here on Facebook and here on the SA Hunters website.
Christa Heymans won this challenge with her exceptional photograph of an Impala ram taken during the golden hour. See the announcement and the winning photograph here on Facebook.

#reptiles – October/November/December

The current theme for the photo challenge is #reptiles. Member of the photography club voted for this theme.  The entries received to date, are quite magnificent!
Click here to view on Facebook and here to view on SA Hunters website.

The rules for the photo challenge are simple:
1) it must be a photograph of anything that is unique to your hometown: nature, people, your place of work, culture, landmarks, monuments, etc.
2) one photograph per entry or upload
3) there is no restriction on the number of entries or uploads per member
4) participants must be members of SA Hunters and/or of the SA Hunters Photography Club
5) it must be your own photograph
6) label the photo #mytuisdorp (it makes it easier for admin to find all the entries at the end of the month)
7) entries must include the following information:

  • Title of the photo
  • Place where it was taken
  • When it was taken
  • Camera or smart phone model
  • Camera settings (F-stop, ISO, shutter speed), not for smart phones.

SA Hunters members that do not have a Facebook profile but who wants to enter the challenge, can enquire at sahuntphoto@gmail.com  or send your photographs with the relevant information required and your personal details to the same e-mail address #reptiles in the subject line.

At the end of December admin will select the best photographs and share them on the Facebook group page and in the gallery on the website. Members choose the winner, which will be announced in January 2023.

Photography Club Cover Page

Every second week, admin selects a new photo for the cover page of the Photography Club’s Facebook page. Members are understandably delighted when their photographs are chosen for this prime spot. It also helps to keep the posts lively and interesting. All photographs posted on the group’s page come into consideration for the cover page pic.

The current cover page photograph of a curious turtle was taken by Pierre van der Berg. Click here to vie the photo on Facebook.
To view photographs not previously mentioned in the newsletter, click here for Stephanus Fourie’s photograph on Facebook and here for Tinus Steyn’s photograph on the website.
View the updated 2022 cover page album here.

Photography Club mini photography challenge

It is summer-time with the festive and holiday season in the air. #pictureperfect is the theme for the mini photography challenge. The theme is unlimited and open for interpretation. Remember the photograph club’s rules when posting your photographs: headings that explain what, when, where, camera details, etc. There are no winners. This is an opportunity to take photographs that you can share om the Photography Club’s page. Label it #pictureperfect.
Click here for the link to Facebook.

POPI Act on Communication

Members of SA Hunters can select their options here to manage receipt of their monthly photography newsletters.

Direct all photography club queries to Marette Bennett at sahuntphoto@gmail.com or phone 082 553 4719 during business hours.

Kind regards

Marette Bennett

SAJWV-SAHGCA Photography administrator and coordinator

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