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Inyathi Park News September 2022

11 October 2022

Dear colleague

Our September newsletter is a few days late. We were quite busy preparing the congress documents for distribution by 5 October.

Although high temperatures are recorded in parts of the country, Sutherland’s night-time temperature on 6 October was 0°C. We live in an interesting country. Dams have sufficient water, yet old and badly-managed infrastructure prevents proper water flow to towns and cities.

Loadshedding and telephones

Loadshedding during the past few weeks created chaos with the Association’s telephone system. At times, not even one of the 13 incoming lines worked. We no longer use fixed lines, but switched to a radio link telephone system to avoid the impact of cable theft.

However, during loadshedding the back-up batteries in the towers get flat resulting in no connectivity. It is very frustrating, but there is nothing we can do about it.

We acquired mobile phones to alleviate the problem. If you cannot reach us on the regular office number (012 808 9300), try any of the following numbers. We also sent this information to members in a separate e-mail message.

  • Reception: 082 848 8547
  • Firearm Helpline: 066 256 2916
  • Training: 082 658 6680,
  • Finance: 082 727 5158  
  • Hunters shop: 066 231 8185

Structure of newsletter

We start with the new, essential information first, followed by the regular news.

Therefore, members can get up to date with fresh news first and read other information later.

New messages

  1. Hunting affairs
  1. 1 Buffalo hunt

This is your last opportunity to buy tickets in our buffalo hunt competition. Entries close at the end of October. This could be an opportunity of a lifetime for an unforgettable experience.

SA Hunters in collaboration with SA Jagter/Hunter and Rhino Bullets offer an opportunity to hunt a buffalo in the Coutada 11 hunting concession in Mozambique during the last week of November 2022. The prize includes all costs. Read more about it here Buy tickets at R100 each to stand a chance to win. You can enter as many times as you wish.

Transfer R100 or multiples of R100 in the bank account of SA Hunters at Absa, account no 01443990077; branch code 632005. Use your mobile number and buffalo as reference. Send proof of payment to admin@sahunt.co.za

This hunting opportunity includes:

  • One trophy buffalo bull
  • One trophy Lichtenstein Hartebeest
  • One trophy Suni
  • All travel costs
  • All accommodation in the hunting camp for 7 nights
  • Taxidermy

1.2 2023 Hunting proclamation for the Western Cape

I reported last month that the Western Cape called for comments on its hunting proclamation for 2023. CapeNature informed us that they received more comments from anti-hunt activists than from hunters. Now is the time to support CapeNature. Please send your supporting comments to ensure that more hunters than activists use this opportunity.

The notice is available here. CapeNature will still accept comments even after the 30 September closing date. The least effort is to send a message in support of the 2022 regulations, which will be a positive contribution. Anyone may use this opportunity to comment on daily hunting quotas and illegal hunting methods for specific species in the Western Cape in 2023.

Send comments to stakeholderinvite@capenature.co.za

1.3 Foot and Mouth disease

The ban on moving cloven-hoofed animals was lifted in most districts and areas in the Free State during October 2022. However, the restrictions in KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo remain. Farms in the Free State where positive samples were found, will remain under quarantine. Farmers in the controlled areas and farms that are under quarantine may not even move bulls from one camp to cows in another camp for the breeding season. Animals in the control areas may only be transported to abattoirs with a transport permit and a health certificate issued by the department of veterinary services in the relevant provinces.

We call on members to be very careful when translocating any cloven-hoofed animals.

  1. Shooting affairs
  1. 1 Browning- SA Hunters National Shotgun Championship 2022

The Browning/SA Hunters Shotgun championship is over. Thank you to everyone that participated. The winners are:

National champion

  1. Gert Nel 92
  2. Pieter Rheeder 91
  3. Andre Pienaar 91

Senior men’s champion

  1. Gert Nel 92
  2. Pieter Rheeder 91
  3. Johan Badger Eloff 88

Veterans champion

  1. Cobus Alberts 85
  2. Pieter De Wet 85
  3. Wim Bornman 78

Super veteran champion

  1. Andre Pienaar 91
  2. Dave Gould 78
  3. David Kruger 77

Ladies champion

  1. Sanet Van Jaarsveld 66
  2. Nitha Kriel 63
  3. Megan Koekemoer 60

Junior shottist of the day

  1. Stiaan Rheeder 85
  2. Henco van Wyk 77

Champion team

  1. Cheetah 1: Barry Du Toit, Niekie Du Toit, Pieter De Wet, Pieter Rheeder – 352/400
  2. Suikerbosrand 1: Johan Eloff, Cobus Alberts, Bennie Koekemoer, Glen Matthews -316/400
  3. Suikerbosrand 4 : Johann Van Deventer, Wim Bornman, HJ van der Walt, Henco van Wyk – 304/400

Shottists awarded SA Hunters national shotgun colours

Barry Du Toit, Niekie Du Toit, Gert Nel, Johan Eloff, Pieter De Wet, Andre Pienaar, Johann van Deventer, Cobus Alberts, Pieter Rheeder, Jaco Kriel, Janneman Swanepoel and Stian Rheeder.

2.2 National Junior Shooting Championship

The national junior championship was held at the Excalibur shooting range of Sandrivier 58-branch in Welkom last weekend. The winners are:

Onder 9 VeerluggeweerOnder 13 Veerluggeweer
1Dian NelRiemland1Anelda CoetzerVaaldriehoek
2Micah SwartRiemland2Wijan OberholzerSandrivier 58
3JP MareeVrystaat Sandveld3Hennie SchoemanSandrivier 58
Onder 13 PCPOnder 13 Randslag
1Wijan OberholzerSandrivier 581Ashleigh CollieRiemland
2Lilia MeakerRiemland2Anelda CoetzerVaaldriehoek
3Michael KinnearKameeldoring3Lilia MeakerRiemland
Onder 16 VeerluggeweerOnder 16 PCP
1Daniel JordaanSuikerbosrand1Daniel JordaanSuikerbosrand
2Risa HattinghSuikerbosrand2Reuben SteenbergenSuikerbosrand
3Johané CoetzerVaaldriehoek3N J HudsonTransvaal
Onder 16 RandslagOnder 18 Veerluggeweer
1Xander OosthuizenOosrand1Jeanré van WykVaaldriehoek
2Johané CoetzerVaaldriehoek2Zuané van StadenVaaldriehoek
3Risa HattinghSuikerbosrand                      3Cobus RouxBothaville
Onder 18 PCPOnder 18 Randslag
1Douglas McFarlane   Suikerbosrand1Zuané van StadenVaaldriehoek
2Xander van EckOlifants2Xander van EckOlifants
3  Mia BuysVrystaat Sandveld   3  Markus van der Vyfer  Suikerbosrand  
25 Meter Presisie Kleinkaliber 
1Douglas McFarlaneSuikerbosrand   
2Mia BuysSandveld   
3Xander van EckOlifants   

Vriendelike groete

2.3 More national sport shooting events

The dates of the remaining national championships are as follows:

  • National Limited Bolt Action competition (15 October 2022)
  • National MDS competition (19 – 22 October 2022)
  • National sport shooting competition IGRF (27-29 October 2022)

We wish all the shottists well with the final preparation. Direct queries about the sport shooting championships to Nic Roets by (012) 808 9300  of nic@sahunt.co.za.

  1. Conservation


SA Hunters presented comments on the Draft Biodiversity White Paper to DFFE Our comments were provided in the spirit of enabling sustainable conservation and responsible use of biodiversity to the benefit of all South Africa’s people.

We have serious concerns about ambiguous, poor language as well as the approach followed. We raised concern that little emphasis was given to the positive contribution wildlife rangelands under management of private sector makes towards conservation and the wildlife economy.

There are very few policy interventions in support of private sector and diversified wildlife-based land use, and responsible hunting. There are several places where there is specific reference to tourism, eco-tourism and international tourism being the drivers of rural socio-economic development and the ‘step change’ in the economy. While tourism undoubtably plays an important role, it is concerning that the DBWP seemingly does not explicitly acknowledge the significant role other diversified wildlife-based land uses, including hunting and venison production play in food security, conservation, and socio-economic development.

Attention was also not given to the different requirements and differences in environmental footprint of photo-tourism compared to hunting, and how that influences the conservation landscape. This could be construed as a deliberate intention to shift the discourse away from the important components of hunting and sustainable use.

Given the nature and extent of challenges with the current DBWP, SA Hunters believes that it will be critical for the minister to ensure a complete re-draft of the DBWP following further engagements with stakeholders to finalise a White Paper that could have a significant positive impact on South Africa’s biodiversity conservation and sustainable use thereof, and one that all South Africans can adopt and be proud of.

  1. SAHGCA Congress 2022

The congress documents were sent to branch chairpersons on 5 October 2022. The Internal Rules requires that these documents be distributed to branch representatives with three days. If you are a branch representative, ensure that you receive the documents from your branch chairperson.

  1. Special offers

We share information about a few suppliers that offer special discount to members.

5.1 Omchem products

The Schütze Waffenpflegen (registered trade name) developed an unparalleled range of firearm cleaning products for a group of South African businesses that will be marketed locally and internationally. Sufficient stock of these products will be available 365 days of the year. Visit www.schutze.co.za for product information.

Schütze will be packaged and distributed in South Africa by Omchem (Pty) Ltd according to the German developer’s quality standards. There are four products on the market, i.e., CLP (Cleans, Lubricates & Protects), PCS (Pre Clean & Soften), LPO (Lubrication & Protection Oil) and CDB (Cleaning & Degreasing Blaster). Additional products will become available later. Read here for more information.

5.2 Tyremart Hatfield

The price of vehicle tyres increased sharply recently. Tyremart in Hatfield, Pretoria offer members an additional 3% discount over and above the regular discount that you can negotiate with your purchase. They will also provide free nitrogen and free wheel alignment with the purchase of tyres. View the offer here.

5.3 Blue Gecko Touring

Blue Gecko Touring offers 10% discount to travellers. They provide specialised and personal services in the Western Cape in particular. Read more about the company here

5.4 Humansdorp Koöperasie

In October 2022 Humansdorp Koöperasie offers 10% discount to members of SA Hunters on the purchase of all Walther barrels.

Repeated messages

  1. Membership

Recruit members and earn commission

SA Hunters has 43 059 members.

Every member or a branch that recruits ten or more members per year, can earn commission of between R100 to R150 per member. More information is available here.

The Board also agreed that branches that succeed in resigning up lapsed members, will also benefit from the commission. More information has been sent to Branch chairpersons.

SA Hunters distribute member application forms to various dealers. These forms are also available from Dorothy Els by dorothy@sahunt.co.za

  1. Photography club

The photography club is still gaining popularity. Read more about the club, training opportunities and monthly competitions and prizes here It also provides information about the Photographer of the Year competition.

  1. Doctari knives

The Doctari ivory knife project will end soon. A limited quantity of knives was made with handles from ivory from the Nico van Rooyen collection. There are only 11 knives left. Place your order now for that special Christmas gift, to avoid disappointment.

Pay R5 500 in SA Hunters bank account no 01443990077; branch code 632005 and use the reference Mes and your mobile number. Send proof of payment to admin@sahunt.co.za

  1. Memorial publication

Only copies of the memorial books with the hard covers are still available at R300 per copy.

To order your copy:

  • Transfer the correct amount (R300 for the ordinary version or R1 000 for leather bound version) in SA Hunters’ bank account at Absa, account number 01443990077.

Use your member number and Book as reference. Check that you enter your member number correctly to ensure that we can process your order

  1. Buck knives

There are only 30 items left in this limited series of 500 Buck knives at R1 000 each. These knives have ivory inlays on the handle with the SA Hunters logo engraved. Transfer R1 000 by EFT into SA Hunters back account at Absa, account number 01443990077. Use your member number and Knipmes as reference. Send proof of payment, your member number and contact details to Realda Goosen at realda@sahunt.co.za

  1. Commercial affairs

The complete list of service providers that offer special discount to members of SA Hunters, are available below.

  • Humansdorp Koöperasie
  • Toyota SA
  • Wildman Hunting and Outdoor
  • Hokaai Slaghuis
  • LAVA Vakuumverpakking
  • Selftrack
  • MAINSU Kragopwekkers
  • Cens Digital Gehoorbeskerming
  • Uitlaatstelle van De Graaf Autosentrum in Van der Hoffweg Pretoria
  • Helle-messe
  • Nitecore Flitse
  • Fitch and Leedes
  • Otterskloof
  • Cassie Nienaber – Ladingontwikkeling en Herlaai
  • Dovetail Wooden Boxes
  • 4Deadhold Skietstok
  • Die Vleishoekie Vleismark
  • Thermal Imaging Warehouse
  • Pangolin Vuurwapenkluise
  • Reloading Technologies
  • Shanin Weir Trofeefoto’s
  • Omchem Produkte
  • Tyremart Hatfield
  • Blue Gecko Toere

Click here for more information about any of the above benefits.

Kind regards

Fred Camphor

SA Hunters: CEO

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