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Inyathi Park News May 2021

Recent news was dominated by the SAPS` notice on the proposed amendments to the Firearms Control Act. It had many people and organisations hot under the collar and led to intense emotional outbursts and actions. SA Hunters already informed our members about our response in our previous special newsletter. In this edition, we also deal with other matters of importance.

The notice in the Government Gazette is available here. A copy of the draft amendment act is available on the Civilian Secretariat for Police`s website here.

Structure of newsletter

We start with the new and important information first, followed by the regular news.

Therefore, members can get up to date with fresh news first and read other information later.

New messages

  1. High Level Panel to advise minister on management of elephant, lion , rhinoceros, and leopard.

Two years ago, the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Barbara Creecy, appointed an advisory panel of experts to advise government om the management, trade, breeding, and hunting of elephant, rhinoceros, lions, and leopard. The panel concluded its task and handed its report to the minister who submitted it to the cabinet for approval.

Min. Creecy released the content of the report and its recommendations on Sunday, 2 May 2021.

Judging by the comments on social media especially, it has become clear that SA Hunters` views on this matter differ from those of other role-players. SA Hunters was also criticised widely for its opinion.

Lizanne Nel, manager conservation, summarised the 660-page report to highlight the most important findings and recommendations. Click here to read the summary or here for the full report.

  1. SA Hunters membership cards

For many years, SA Hunters printed and mailed membership cards to its members. Following the collapse of the postal services, many of these cards were never delivered, or were returned to us. We issue new cards when members move to another branch, change their status, or their addresses. Every year, we print and mail approximately 20 000 cards of which half are being returned.

To reduce the cost and waste of unnecessary printing and mailing of cards, the Board decided that cards would only be printed and mailed on request from members. Members that do not ask for a card, will not receive one. The membership card information is available on SA Hunters` App that members can download on their mobile phones.

Tommy Liversage will distribute a special notice to members to confirm that membership cards will no longer be printed and mailed, instructions to download the App, en how to obtain access to your membership card electronically. He will also explain what to do should you wish to receive a printed membership by mail. We cannot guarantee that a printed and mailed membership card will reach you.

We trust that members accept this decision.

  1. VP Training

The Board decided at its recent meeting to appoint Danie Momberg as VP Training for the rest of this year, and not to co-opt another person in this vacant portfolio. A new VP training will be elected at the next Congress.

  1. Use of lead ammunition

At the virtual regional meetings held this year, Lizanne Nel and Boetie Kirchner informed members about the international decision and pressure against the use of all lead products, especially in ammunition.

The feedback that the Board received subsequently, indicated that members misunderstood the message as if they were no longer allowed to use lead ammunition. This is not correct.

The intention of the message was as follows: “The use of lead is being questioned all over the world. We expect the international pressure on South Africa to increase and to ban the use of lead products, especially in ammunition. Therefore, please take care when using ammunition. We recommend that you use good quality bonded core bullets, or alternatively, monolithic points (not the same as lead) for hunting purposes. It might help to reduce potential harmful exposure to lead.

It is true that we cannot dictate to members what they should use: we can merely advise. The Board is fully aware of the fact that there is no alternative ammunition available for air rifles, shotgun shot, and .22 rimfire ammunition. Likewise, this does not prohibit the use of ammunition with unbonded projectiles where the casing (usually copper) and the core (usually lead) separate on the shooting range under controlled conditions and end up in the back stop.

SA Hunters will not be irresponsible and instruct its members to stop using lead. The intention is rather: “Let`s take care and restrict the use of lead to minimise potential risk.” Lizanne wrote several articles on this topic that explain the risk of lead exposure and how it manifests. Read the articles here.

  1. Use of social media

SA Hunters reaches a bigger target audience through our marketing actions on Facebook en Twitter. Follow us here https://web.facebook.com/SAJagtersHunters (@SAJagtersHunters) and on Twitter at: @SAJagters

Join the discussion and share with friends and family.  The SA Hunters Conservation page on Facebook is well known and share information and news on conservation activities.

I also want to use this opportunity to comment on the recent bout of criticism against SA Hunters on social media. There is a misconception that the principle of freedom of speech offers people protection against ill-considered comments on social media. Libel, lies, and hate speech on Facebook and Twitter can have serious consequences. You can loose your job, be jailed, or fined, and your name will be linked to irresponsible actions for ever. Read more here about freedom of speech, hate speech and defamation in the context of social media posts. The article is quite interesting.

  1. HAWASA membership

SA Hunters was a founder member of HAWASA (Hunting and Wildlife Associations of South Africa)s a forum established in 2006, to serve as a common forum to engage with the Department of Environmental Affairs on conservation, hunting and related matters.

Unfortunately, the attitude of most other members of HAWASA has become overwhelmingly negative towards SA Hunters and recently, turned into a personal vendetta and defamatory campaign against Lizanne Nel. Therefore, the Board decided that SA Hunters will withdraw from HAWASA. The purpose of HAWASA was to `find common ground, but to accept that differences of opinion may exist, which should not be problematic`. That has changed to `no one dares to differ from the group think”

Because of this negative attitude and victimisation of Lizanne on social media, SA Hunters is no longer able to associate with the HAWASA. We will rather join other groupings that maintain similar views as SA Hunters.

  1. Shooting affairs – Training for dedicated sport shooter status

SA Hunters offers online training for dedicated sport shooter status. The complete manual with instructions is available here.

Branches will continue to offer the regular training sessions to members that prefer the hands-on method. Enquire at your branch training official. A complete list of branches and their contact details is available here.

  1. National shooting competitions

Although COVID-19 regulations still restrict SA Hunters` activities at branch and regional level, the regional shooting competitions recorded a 50 – 70% attendance, compared to the previous year. If nothing unforeseen happens, the regional shooting competition will be concluded by 30 June 2021. Planning for the national shooting competition in August 2021, is going ahead if Covid-19 restrictions allow us.  

Hunting-based shooting competitions

The  Vrystaat Sandveld Branch will host the National Inter Branch Team Shooting Competition on the Meerkatgat shooting range on 14 August 2021, and
The Bloemfontein branch will host the National President Shooting Competition on 11 September 2021 at the Meerkatgat shooting range.

  1. Invitations will be sent in July and August to exceptional and qualifying shottists according to the ranking lists.

Sport shooting competitions

The regional sport shooting competitions are going according to plan. More information follows soon.

  1. Hunting affairs

The hunting season is proceeding well. Fortunately, we may hunt this year, in spite of a third wave of Covid 19 looming on the horizon in SA.  

Foot and Mouth disease

The good rain that fell in large parts of the country created favourable conditions for the break-out and distribution of viruses. The recent breakout of foot and mouth disease in the northern parts of Kwazulu/Natal is proof of that.

Land-owners in the districts of King Cetshwayo en Umkhanyakude and local authorities in Nongoma, Ulundi en Pongola in die Zululand district municipalities have been asked to adhere to the precautions included in a recent media release issued by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development. Read the release here.

African Swine Fever

Swine fever also broke out in the Western Cape recently. Hunters and landowners should follow the requirements for the transport of wild pig meat.

In terms of regulations 20 of the Animal Diseases Act (Act 35 of 1984) meat from wild pigs may not be transported in Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northwest, and Kwazulu-Natal provinces without a permit.

In 2018, SA Hunters was recognised by the Department`s directorate for animal health as an industry organisation that may authorise its members to issue permits for the transportation of wild pig meat (warthog and bush pig).

Land-owners that are members of SA Hunters may register their farms where warthog and bush pigs are being hunted, to issue meat transport permits. Registration is free. Read here for step-by-step instruction to register. A detailed report on the swine fever breakout since 2019, is available here.

Eastern Cape game meat legislation

The Eastern Cape`s Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development repealed the province`s meat safety act (portion 7 of 201) in a notice published in the Government Gazette, No.44545, dated 7 May 2021. Read the gazette here.

The act was repealed because it constituted an unnecessary duplication of the National Meat Safety Act (Act 40 van 2000). Therefore, the Eastern Cape will be implementing the national meat safety act. In view of this development, the Department explained the requirements regarding the Meat Safety Act in a correspondence dated 24 May 2021, available here.

Briefly, it prohibits the slaughtering of any animal, or the procession of an animal carcass intended for human or animal consumption in any other location than a registered abattoir. NB: game meat intended for own, cultural, and religious consumption, is exempted from this legislation, provided that it may not be sold.

This means that hunters that process and utilise their own game meat, are exempted. However, members that take their game meat for processing at a butchery must be careful because butcheries must adhere to the requirements of the game meat safety act.

  1. Dedicated status

SA Hunters has 16 976 dedicated hunters of which only 6 407 have registered sufficient activities to retain their status for 2021 There are 13 320 members with dedicated sport shooter status of which only 3 457 meet the requirement to retain their status in 2021. We remind members to register their activities to avoid cancellation of their dedicated status at the end of 2021.

Repeat messages

  1. Photographic Competition

The Association introduced a new adjudication process for its photographic competition for 2021. All entries will be assessed according to a scoring system with technical and visual criteria. Certificates can be achieved for qualified photographs 60-74% Bronze, 75-89% Silver, 90-100% Gold.

The judges will provide feedback to the participants to encourage them to improve their skills.

See instructions to enter and the rules here

Awards for May can be viewed here.

Categories for the 2021 competition

Conservation in action: Photographs that illustrate conservation and community service by members and branches.

Plants and animals: Photographs of plants and animals, including landscapes, birds, reptiles, and insects. Please remember that this category does not include [photographs of hunted animals.

Our cultural heritage:  Photographs that demonstrate our celebration of our culture, country ,and all our people.

  1. Photography workshops

SA Hunters is planning photographic workshops at branches and regions to promote the development of members` photography skills. The training will comprise three levels, i.e., novice, advanced and master photographer, or a combination of these. Certificates of attendance will be issued.

A special message about the photography club has been sent to members on 4 June. Read it here.

  1. Special offers

SA Hunters negotiated special discounts for its members with various dealerships. Some of these deals are only available for a limited time.

Crown National Factory shop Limpopo

Crown National offers 5% discount to members on all purchases of spices, sauces, and packaging material at their factory shops in Polokwane, Limpopo . Show this advertisement with your proof of membership to qualify.

Doctari Knives

The Doctari knife project with its ivory handle and logo has resumed. The ivory is from the Nico van Rooyen trophy stock. Place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. There are only 50 knives available. 

Pay R5 500 in SA Hunters bank account no 01443990077; branch code 632005 and use the reference Mes and your mobile number. Send proof of payment to admin@sahunt.co.za

Memorial publication

The memorial publication is now available to order in two options:

The book is in A4 format and available with an ordinary cover at R300 per copy, or a luxury version bound in buffalo leather at R1000 a copy of which only 100 copies will be available.

To order your copy:

  • Transfer the correct amount (R300 for the ordinary version or R1 000 for leather bound version) in SA Hunters` bank account at Absa, account number 01443990077.
  • Use your member number and Book as reference. Check that you enter your member number correctly to ensure that we can process your order.

Buck knives

There are only 220 items left in this limited series of 500 Buck knives at R1 000 each. These knives have ivory inlays on the handle with the SA Hunters logo engraved. Transfer R1 000 by EFT into SA Hunters back account at ABSA, account number 01443990077. Use your member number and Knipmes as reference. Send proof of payment, your member number and contact details to Realda Goosen at realda@sahunt.co.za

Sale at SA Hunters` Shop

SA Hunters decided to reduce the clothing stock in its store and to change its product range.  Various items are available at discounted prices. Enquiries: Rene at (012) 8089300 of rene@sahunt.co.za

Humansdorp Koöperasie

In June Humansdorp Koöperasie offers bulk ammunition to branches at special prices. Place your order through the branch to benefit from the special price.

  • All Hornady products
  • Alle Starline casings
  • Alle Norma casings

The  4Deadlock shooting stick is offered at R1 950

Support to members

Many of our members are adversely affected by Covid 19 circumstances. Herewith some information to support them.

  1. Good quality, dry bushveld firewood available at reasonable price in Pretoria area. More information here.
  2. One of our members, Dawie Staruss of Clocolan, is a farmer and a writer. He published a book to commemorate his hunting experiences of the past 50 years. `n Leeftyd se Bekruip is available at Naledi publishers, naledi.online at discounted SA huntesr member price of R200 a copy. Order online or contact Tertia Swart on 078 648 8616. More information is available here.

14. Membership

Recruit members and earn commission

SA Hunters` membership stands on 44 296.

The Board agreed that a member or a branch that recruits ten or more members per year, can earn commission of between R100 to R150 per member. More information is available here.

SA Hunters distributed membership application forms at various dealers. Any member that wants to receive the same material, can enquire with Dorothy Ras by dorothy@sahunt.co.za

  1. Commercial Affairs

In November 2019, SA Hunters signed an agreement with Humansdorp Koöperasie that gives 5% discount on the regular prize of a range hunting and shooting products to members of SA Hunters. See the links below for information about the discounts.

Please note that delivery could take longer than usual.

  1. Visit the following websites for more information:
    1. humkoop.co.za
    2. co.za
    3. co.za
  2. Place orders telephonically or with e-mail.
  3. You must be a paid-up member and provide your member number to enable Humansdorp Koöperasie to check your status.
  4. Place your orders with Eduan du Toit, Cheryl Coetzee or Riaan Vermaak at any of the following numbers or e-mail addresses:
    1. Telephone numbers
      1. (042) 2910431
      2. (042) 2951501
  • iii. (042) 2951082
  1. E-mail addresses
    1. arms@humkoop.co.za
    2. ammo@humkoop.co.za

Your order will be dispatched by courier or other delivery method as soon as the money has been received.

The complete list of service providers that offer special discount to members of SA Hunters, are available below.

  • Humansdorp Koöperasie
  • Toyota SA
  • Westvaal Nelspruit
  • Wildman Hunting and Outdoor
  • Hokaai Slaghuis
  • Die Wildshoekie Vleismark
  • LAVA Vakuumverpakking
  • Selftrack
  • MAINSU Kragopwekkers
  • Cens Digital Gehoorbeskerming
  • Uitlaatstelle van De Graaf Autosentrum in Van der Hoffweg Pretoria
  • Helle-messe
  • Nitecore Flitse
  • Fitch and Leedes
  • Otterskloof
  • Cassie Nienaber – Ladingontwikkeling en Herlaai
  • Dovetail Wooden Boxes
  • 4Deadlock Skietstok

Click here for more information.

Kind regards

Fred Camphor

SA Hunters: CEO

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