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Inyathi Park News March 2019

Autumn is in the air and the first leaves are already falling. The morning breeze is considerably cooler. Sadly, large parts of the western regions of the country are still suffering from a drought. A farmer from the Namakwaland region told me last week that they had not had any rain for the last nine years. We keep them in our thoughts and try to help where we can.

Buffalo hunt for R50
The local community adjacent to the Sabie Game Park in Mozabique allocated a buffalo from their hunting quota to SA Hunters. The Sabie Game Park is situated on the border with Mozambique and one can drive there to hunt.
The selling of tickets for this raffle, will be done online. More information will be sent to members soon. The first tickets will be available at HuntEx. Do not miss this change to buy you R50 ticket/s to win this buffalo hunt in Mozambique.

April is synonymous with HuntEx, which takes place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand from 25 to 28 April 2019. Access to the VIP day on Thursday 25 April are usually available to guests on invitation only. However, some tickets are still available at R200 per person.

Visitor tickets for 26, 27 and 28 April are available at the gates for R120 per person. Online tickets that are bought in advance, cost R110. Pensioners and students that can show proof of their status, can purchase tickets online for only R80.

SA Hunters and its HuntEx partner agreed that only members of SA Hunters will be able to purchase HuntEx tickets at the discounted price of R80 per member. However, to qualify, these tickets must be purchased on the HuntEx website prior to the event. If you do not buy a ticket online in advance, you will pay the regular price of R120 per ticket at the gates.

Previous years, the verification of SA Hunters membership at the gates caused enormous congestion and frustration. Therefore, a decision was taken to make discounted tickets only applicable to online purchases. Buy your ticket for R80 on the HuntEx web site.

Groot Ontbyt: Court applications and expired firearm licences
It is common knowledge that GOSA succeeded in obtaining an interdict at the end of 2018, that prevents SAPS from persecuting gunowners whose firearm licences expired and from taking possession of such firearms.
On Friday 5 April at 05h30 I will participate in a discussion on Groot Ontbyt TV programme channel 144 on expired firearm licences and the steps people should follow if their firearm licences expired. If you can, listen or watch this programme for valuable advice.

SA Hunters celebrates 70 years
SA Hunters was established as the Transvaalse Jagtersvereniging at the National Zoological Gardens in Pretoria on 1 October 1949. The name was subsequently changed to the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association as it is still known today. This year, SA Hunters is 70 years old. Various projects are being planned to celebrate our 70th birthday.

SA Hunters memorial edition
The establishment and history of SA Hunters has never been documented officially. Prof. Pottie Potgieter, a former president, is collating information from documents and photographs for a SA Hunters memorial edition. He invites any newsworthy information and photographs that might assist him in his task.
Wanted urgently: Information on whereabouts of Dr SJ Swanepoel, former president of SA Hunters
The SA Hunters memorial edition will include short biographies of former presidents of the Association. One of them is Dr SJ Swanepoel. We could not find any information about him. He was the president of SAHGCA in 1969/1970. Anyone with information about him or his family that will enable us to get in touch with them, is requested to get in touch with Prof. Pottie at pieter.potgieter@safricom.co.za or 082 451 0762.
We know very little about Dr Swanepoel. He is/was probably a medical doctor and a councillor of the Pretoria city council at some stage. Dr Swanepoel Drive in Montana (opposite the Kolonnade shopping centre) was named after him. We wish to find out more about his hunting activities and his involvement in the SAHGCA executive committee.

A jewellery range designed and manufactured by Maryna de Klerk of M2 Jewellers will be available soon. It includes two ranges: the one in the price range between R800 and R1 000 per item; and another range with prices ranging from R2 000 to R5000 per item. The jewellery will only be available from SA Hunters.
Tommy Liversage and his team are working hard to have the knives available.
SA Hunters called for quotes for the manufacture of two rifles in classic calibres (7 X 57 and 9,3 X 62). WE hope to have more information available at HuntEx.

The membership of SA Hunters remain constant at 42 135 paid-up members on 30 March 2019.
The Board will request branches and members to assist with a membership recruitment and retention drive during 2019. Every member is important to us. Please extend a hand of welcome to new members at your branch.
Every member of SA Hunters that recruit ten members during the year, will receive free membership for the following year. Branches are also acknowledged for recruitment and receive a portion of the membership fee over and above the branch subventions.
Carl Arnold, President of SA Hunters, set a target to grow the membership with 4000 in 2019 and 2020. Help us to achieve this goal.

First aid kits for hunters
Hunters are starting preparation for their first hunts of the season. Do you take a first aid kit with you and what do you have in it?
A few of our knowledgeable members (doctors and pharmacists) put together a basic first aid kit for hunters. Obviously, you can add more sophisticated items if you wish. Here is the content of a basic first aid kit.
The next edition of SA Hunter which should be available before the end of the month, will include an article on a basic first aid kit for hunters.

Firearm inspections by SAPS
During the past two weeks, it was brought to our attention that SAPS wanted to do inspections of members with dedicated status that own semi-automatic rifles to check if they use these firearms for sport shooting. Although SAPS has no right to query this, please be prepared to provide proof of your activities should you receive a visit or query from SAPS.
Sport shooters with semi-automatic firearms are reminded to use it regularly and to record their sport shooting activities on their member profiles on the SA Hunters website. If you do receive a visit from SAPS, it is easy to provide a print out of the activity register.
SA Hunters has 18 520 dedicated hunters of which 5 307 already comply for retaining their current status for 2019. There are 10 720 dedicated sport shooters of which 2 346 have registered sufficient activities to retain their status.
Please use your firearms responsibly, register your activities and keep your status current to allow you to retain all your firearms.

SA Hunters and the IWFF (International Wildlife Fellowship Foundation) signed a memorandum of cooperation following its approval by the Board of SA Hunters. The Foundation has two main objectives, e.g. “Hunters for Habitat” that focuses on research and support of conservation activities on conservation and sustainable use. The second objective is “Hunters Support” which relies on social support with humanitarian considerations.
SA Hunters collaborates with other organisations with similar objectives as its own. We will provide more information on the projects shortly.

SA Hunters in collaboration with the Wildlife College offer training in the hunting of the dangerous game. Only members with dedicated hunter status may enrol.
Hunting of dangerous game
Course: (R4000) (Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard. Hyena)
The following dates are available for 2019.

  • 3-6 June 2019 (x 3 places) (Monday to Thursday)
  • 13-16 June 2019 (x 4 places) (Thursday to Sunday)
  • 17-20 June 2019 (x 6 places) (Monday to Thursday)
  • 24-27 June 2019 (x 4 places op) (Thursday to Sunday)

Direct queries to Liesel on 012 808 9325 or liesel@sahunt.co.za. The following information is required with payment for enrolment:

  • Name and surname
  • Member number
  • Number for dedicated hunter
  • Telephone number
  •  Preferred date of booking

SA Hunters’ Browning National Shotgun Championship
The SA Hunters’ Browning National Shotgun Championship for 2019 was a huge success. The competition brought forth the best performances from participants.

The results are:
Open Class Top Gun
1. Pieter Rheeder, Cheetah Branch, 93
2. Brian Reilly, Pretoria–Oos Branch, 92
3. Joel Allem, Cheetah Branch, 92

Senior Men
1. Pieter Rheeder, Cheetah Branch, 93
2. Joel Allem, Cheetah Branch, 92
3. Johann van de Giessen, Centurion Branch, 87

1. Sanet van Jaarsveld, Suikerbosrand Branch, 76
2. Megan Calitz, Suikerbosrand Branch, 64
3. Wilna Henning, Suikerbosrand, 58

1. Brian Reilly, Pretoria–Oos Branch, 92
2. Peet Steyn, Springbok Branch, 83
3. André Pienaar Vaaldriehoek Branch, 83

Super veterans
1. Viv Pitchers, Pretoria-Oos Branch, 85
2. RJ Crawford-Brunt, Vaaldriehoek Branch, 76
3. Charl Naudé, Pretoria-Oos Branch, 76

1. DJ Liebenberg, Valschrivier Branch, 62

Below is a list of shotgun shooting events that members can participate in to qualify for the next SA Hunters National Shotgun Championship

  • 3 April, Eland Branch, Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at Wattle Spring Sport Shooting Club
  • 27 April, Kwagga Branch, Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at PE Clay Pigeon Club
  • 25 May, Swartland Branch, Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at Valley Gun Club Durbanville
  • 25 May, Cheetah Branch Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at Bet-mar
  • 27 July, Kalahari Bosveld Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at Dirk van Schalkwyk Shooting range
  • 3 Augustus, Valschrivier Branch Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at Elandsrand
  • 17 August, Vaalrivier Branch Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at Hartbees Branch, Potchefstroom
  • 7 September, Pretoria Oos Branch Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at Wattle Spring Sport Shooting Club
  • 14 September, Stormberg Branch Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at Winterberg Gun Club Adelaide
  • 5 October, West Rand Branch Regional Shotgun Inter Branch at Durban Deep
  • 26 October, East Rand Branch Regional Shotgun Inter Branch shoot at Waterhaven Country Estate

Photographic competition
We remind members to participate in our annual photo competition. The finalists’ photos can be viewed here on our website. These members will receive their certificates on their online profile.
Our sponsor (Canon SA) donated a new camera for the winner of the best photograph. The prize will be handed over to the winner during the congress gala evening at the end of the year. We are also trying to obtain more prizes for different categories.
Our categories for the 2019 competition are:
1. The Hunter (Not hunted animals): Photographs that depict a hunter, man or animal, in nature.
2. Nature Talks: Photographs from nature that talk to your soul, i.e. landscapes with extraordinary backgrounds or colours
3. Wildlife: Photographs depicting any animal life (land, bird or marine life)
4. Shooting a dedicated sport: -Photographs showing the action, dedication, gear and preparation of the sport shooting competitor
Read here how to enter.

Interesting books
Many of our members are avid readers of books and articles about hunting: some amusing and some more serious. I came across two books recently that I want to share with you.
Manewales van Jag by Schalk Vermeulen is a collection of amusing stories that might have been slightly modified for effect. Schalk lives in Bloemfontein and is a member of SA Hunter. He agreed to make the book available at R150 plus postage to members of SA Hunters. Place your order with Schalk Vermeulen at schalkve@absa.co.za or 082 457 2297. Keep your membership number handy to qualify for the special price.
The second book, Agred Gids tot Jagvoëlbestuur in Suid-Afrika, is aimed at land owners and includes valuable information for land owners and shotgun shottists. We have copies of this book available at R150 plus postage. Order your copy from Rene Cornelius at (012) 808 9300 or rene@sahunt.co.za

Commercial affairs
Herewith the links to our website for more information on suppliers that give special discounts and offers to members of SA Hunters:

  • Toyota SA
  • Westvaal Nelspruit
  • Wildman Hunting and Outdoor
  • Hokaai Butchery
  • Die Wildshoekie Vleismark
  • LAVA Vacuum packaging
  • Selftrack
  • MAINSU Generators
  • Cens Digital Hearing protection
  • Exhaust systems from De Graaf Autosentrum in Van der Hoff Road, Pretoria
  • Helle knives
  • Nitecore flash lights/torches
  • Cassie Nienaber – Loading development and reloading
    Click here for more information.

    Kind regards
    Fred Camphor
    SA Hunters: HUB

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