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Inyathi Park News August 2021

In memoriam: George Diedrik Prinsloo Hamman (Org Hamman). It is with great sadness that we pay tribute to Org Hamman who passed away on 12 August. He was a big man that had made an even bigger impact on the history of SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association. For 14 years continuously, he served on the executive committee and later the SA Hunters’ Board.

Org was involved and/or responsible for establishing most of SA Hunters’ current branches. He served as member of the executive committee and/or Board for various terms in the portfolios for member affairs, shooting affairs and hunting affairs. He was well-known as an active and competitive shottist whose incomparable knowledge of reloading guided many members.

Org was famous for his sharp wit and humour and never hesitated to take a stand on the most difficult matters. We honour his memory. We think of his wife, Karin, and children Werner and Caro during this sad time. We are also grateful that he was spared further suffering. Hy was a big man that made a big impact on SA Hunters.

Structure of newsletter

We start with the new and important information first, followed by the regular news.

Therefore, members can get up to date with fresh news first and read other information later.

New messages

  1. SA Hunters Congress

SA Hunters’ congress, which also serves as the AGM, will be held on Saturday, 6 November 2021. The event will be presented as a virtual meeting due to Covid 19 restrictions of a maximum of 50 persons indoors. The meeting will be available live to branches and representatives. More information will be distributed at a later stage. We request members to pay attention to some of the important items on the agenda.

  1. A call for nominations for election of Board members has already been distributed to branch chairpersons and management committees. The closing date for nominations is 22 September at 17:00. Contact branch chairpersons for more information about the nomination process.
  2. Branch chairpersons and management committees will be informed on 2 September of the number of branch representatives to the Congress. Please ensure that your branch registers its representatives to the Congress with Dorothy Ras at the national office by 22 September om 17:00.
  3. Discussion points. The agenda of the Congress is made up of discussion points submitted by the branches, which have already been informed that written proposals for discussion should be submitted by 7 September at 17:00
  4. Congress documents will be sent to Branch Chairpersons not later than 7 October 2021.
  5. Matters already on the Agenda: The Board has already decided on certain matters that would be added to the agenda. These include:
    1. Proposed amendments to the Constitution of SA Hunters
    2. Amendments to the Internal Rules of SA Hunters
    3. Amendments to the Disciplinary Procedure of SA Hunters

As required, the proposed amendments to these three documents have been prepared and presented to the Extended Board and the NBCF before being distributed to Branch Chairpersons together with other relevant documentation.

  1. Further democratising of SA Hunters

The Extended Board will meet on 16 September 2021. SA Hunters is amending the democratic processes regarding the role and responsibilities of regional coordinators by distributing the workload to involve more people. This will allow broader participation to the democratic processes of the Association. Regional coordinators have been requested to meet a day (15 September) before the Board meeting where this process will be explained in more detail. The idea is to enhance coordination of activities such as shooting affairs, conservation, and training at regional level to ensure that one person (regional coordinator) does not have to do all the work.

The objective of this extended model is to improve and speed-up communication with members. Members are free to share their views with their branch chairperson or regional coordinator.

  1. SA Hunters’ membership of the Predation Management SA

The Board decided that SA Hunters should apply for membership of Predation Management SA, which will give the Association the opportunity to be directly involved with stock farmer organisations that deal with the growing importance of predator management. Thereby SA Hunters can make a meaningful contribution to responsible predator management among stock farmers. It might also create opportunities for members to promote the responsible management of predators.

  1. Photography Club

Without a big fanfare, a photography club has been established under the guidance of Marette Bennett and Tommy Liversage with André van Heerden keeping a watchful eye. Within 3 months, club membership has grown significantly to 1500 registered members.

Read more here about the club, training opportunities, monthly competitions and view the entries that compete for the big prize.

There are rumours that members want to trade their rifles in for cameras. I do not believe that is necessary, but one thing is for certain: this group of people is doing something right. Feel free to support them!

  1. Covid 19 and the office of SA Hunters

We are grateful that all staff members that had contracted Covid, recovered and returned to work. Thank you for your patience while we functioned with a reduced capacity. We sincerely appreciate it, and we trust that service levels have not been too severely affected.

It is expected that the next wave of Covid 19 infections will hit in October and peak on 24 December, a day before Christmas. Stay safe and protect yourself.

  1. Maintaining dedicated status

2021 was not a normal year, thanks to Covid 19 restrictions. Although we had more shooting and hunting opportunities compared to 2020, illness and restrictions kept our members at home. Therefore, the Board decided that members will retain their dedicated status even if they were unable to register the required activities. We call on members to use every opportunity to participate in activities and register it on the member administration system. It is in our interest to do so.

  1. HuntEx2021

HuntEx 2021 has been cancelled because of the third wave of Covid 19. The Police also would not give permission to continue with the exhibit. Many exhibitors withdrew because they or their staff fell ill and preferred to avoid further exposure.

Thanks to Adriaan Woudstra who relentlessly tried to arrange HuntEx2021. We remain hopeful that we will have a Huntex expo in 2022.

  1. Shooting Affairs

National Shooting Championships

The national shooting competitions have all been lined during October 2021, with a championship held every weekend. Qualifying shottists (where required) have been invited and arrangements are going ahead.

Participation levels are restricted due to Covid 19 protocol which allows a maximum of 100 persons on a shooting range. This situation has made it quite difficult to host and manage these events. We ask for your patience and cooperation.

Participants’ invitations include all the important information regarding the time of arrival at the shooting ranges. For the sake of all competitors and officials, we request members to adhere to the rules.

Regional Colours for Shooting Achievements

SA Hunters Regional Colours for shooting achievements will be awarded for the first time this year. Members that earned these colours have already been informed and congratulated.

The Board approved the design and development of official sport clothing for members that received regional colours, which that they can wear when representing their teams and regions. Enquire form the shooting coordinators for the various disciplines to find out what is available.

  1. Firearm Licences and Competency

We are aware that the issuing of new firearm licences and relicensing are taking very long. The CFR unilaterally announced the extension of the time period for issuing licences to 120 working days. We know very well that it takes as long as 12 months to receive confirmation of competency or a licence. 

There is nothing we can do about this. The CFR has a massive back log of 150 000 applications that they are working on, amidst serious delays. There are instances where licences have been issued within three to six weeks after the application had been submitted. Please be patient. We do not expect any major change in the level of service any time soon.

Repeat messages

  1. Photography competition

The Association introduced a new adjudication process for its photographic competition for 2021. All entries will be assessed according to a scoring system with technical and visual criteria. Certificates can be achieved for qualified photographs 60-74% Bronze, 75-89% Silver, 90-100% Gold.

The judges will provide feedback to the participants to encourage them to improve their skills.

See instructions to enter and the rules here

Categories for the 2021 competition

Conservation in action: Photographs that illustrate conservation and community service by members and branches.

Plants and animals: Photographs of plants and animals, including landscapes, birds, reptiles, and insects. Please remember that this category does not include [photographs of hunted animals.

Our cultural heritage:  Photographs that demonstrate our celebration of our culture, country, and all our people.

  1. Special offers

Doctari Knives

The Doctari knife project with its ivory handle and logo has resumed. The ivory is from the Nico van Rooyen trophy stock. Place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. There are only 50 knives available. 

Pay R5 500 in SA Hunters bank account no 01443990077; branch code 632005 and use the reference Mes and your mobile number. Send proof of payment to admin@sahunt.co.za

Memorial publication

The memorial publication is available to order in two options:

The book is in A4 format and available with an ordinary cover at R300 per copy, or a luxury version bound in buffalo leather at R1000 a copy of which only 100 copies will be available.

To order your copy:

  • Transfer the correct amount (R300 for the ordinary version or R1 000 for leather bound version) in SA Hunters’ bank account at Absa, account number 01443990077.
  • Use your member number and Book as reference. Check that you enter your member number correctly to ensure that we can process your order.

Buck knives

There are only 220 items left in this limited series of 500 Buck knives at R1 000 each. These knives have ivory inlays on the handle with the SA Hunters logo engraved. Transfer R1 000 by EFT into SA Hunters back account at ABSA, account number 01443990077. Use your member number and Knipmes as reference. Send proof of payment, your member number and contact details to Realda Goosen at realda@sahunt.co.za

Sale at SA Hunters Shop

SA Hunters decided to reduce the clothing stock in its store and to change its product range.  Various items are available at discounted prices. Enquiries: Rene at (012) 808 9300 of rene@sahunt.co.za

Humansdorp Co-op

In September 2021 Humansdorp Koöperasie offers the following products at 10% discount to members:

  • Zeiss Scopes
  • Schmidt & Bender Scopes
  • Zerotech Scopes

Support to members

Many people are still suffering from the economic effects of Covid 19 circumstances. Herewith information about opportunities by members to members.

  1. A member suggested that we include information about employment opportunities in the newsletter to assist those that are looking for work. Members can send information about such opportunities info@sahunt.co.za
  2. Good quality, dry bushveld firewood available at reasonable price in Pretoria area. More information here.
  3. One of our members, Dawie Staruss of Clocolan, is a farmer and a writer. He published a book to commemorate his hunting experiences of the past 50 years. `n Leeftyd se Bekruip is available at Naledi publishers, naledi.online at discounted SA huntesr member price of R200 a copy. Order online or contact Tertia Swart on 078 648 8616. More information is available here.
  4. A member living on the East Rand has a large collection of Magnum magazines which he is willing to donate to anyone that might be interested. Enquiries: jrdubuisson@mweb.co.za
  5. Membership

Recruit members for commission

SA Hunters membership stands on 44 194, a little less than last month.

The Board agreed that a member or a branch that recruits ten or more members per year, can earn commission of between R100 to R150 per member. More information is available here.

SA Hunters distributed membership application forms at various dealers. Any member that wants to receive the same material, can enquire with Dorothy Ras by dorothy@sahunt.co.za

  1. Commercial affairs

In November 2019, SA Hunters signed an agreement with Humansdorp Koöperasie that gives 5% discount on the regular prize of a range hunting and shooting products to members of SA Hunters. See the links below for information about the discounts.

Please note that delivery could take longer than usual.

  1. Visit the following websites for more information:
    1. humkoop.co.za
    2. co.za
    3. co.za
  2. Place orders telephonically or with e-mail.
  3. You must be a paid-up member and provide your member number to enable Humansdorp Koöperasie to check your status.
  4. Place your orders with Eduan du Toit, Cheryl Coetzee or Riaan Vermaak at any of the following numbers or e-mail addresses:
    1. Telephone numbers
      1. (042) 2910431
      2. (042) 2951501
  • iii. (042) 2951082
  1. E-mail addresses
    1. arms@humkoop.co.za
    2. ammo@humkoop.co.za

Your order will be dispatched by courier or other delivery method as soon as the money has been received.

The complete list of service providers that offer special discount to members of SA Hunters, are available below. MM, kyk asseblief mooi, ek het enkele van hulle uitgehaal

  • Humansdorp Koöperasie
  • Toyota SA
  • Westvaal Nelspruit
  • Wildman Hunting and Outdoor
  • Hokaai Butchery
  • LAVA Vacuum packaging
  • Selftrack
  • MAINSU generators
  • Cens Digital ear protection
  • Exhaust systems from De Graaf Autosentrum in Van der Hoffweg Pretoria
  • Helle knives
  • Nitecore torches
  • Fitch and Leedes
  • Otterskloof
  • Cassie Nienaber – Load development and reloading
  • Dovetail Wooden Boxes
  • 4Deadlock Shooting Stick

Click here for more information on any of the above benefits.

Kind regards

Fred Camphor

SA Hunters: CEO

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