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Inyathi Park News August 2019

The hunting season is over. Some members might still be hunting on exempted farms but is getting too hot and many female animals are pregnant.

It is still cold in the Western Cape but the first signs of Spring are definitely here.

1. Buffalo hunt competition

The draw for the winner in the buffalo hunt competition was done. Boendoes Erasmus of Bloemfontein is the lucky winner. He already started planning his trip. We trust Boendoes will share his experience with us in an article later.

The diamond was won by Jacques de Kock of Centurion. He already collected his prize.

Thanks to the sponsors for these two prizes. We sincerely appreciate your support to SA Hunters.

2. Tiger fishing
The winner of the tiger fishing opportunity in the Komati River is Stoffel Cronje of Heidelberg. We wish him well!

3. HuntEx
HuntEx2020 will be held from 24 to 27 April 2020. Diarise this event and make sure you do not miss this opportunity.

4. Memorial publication
SA Hunters turns 70 this year. By now members are aware of the memorial publication that documents the history of the Association. The book, which includes interesting facts, stories and photographs from our hunting history, deserves a place on every member’s coffee table or book case. According to the edito,r Herman Jonker, the publication will be ready by 2 November when SA Hunters has its annual congress. Members can start sending their orders.

The book is in A4 format and available in two versions: one with an ordinary cover at R300 per copy, and a luxury version bound in buffalo leather at R1000 a copy, of which only 100 copies will be available. Members that want the luxury version should order soon to avoid disappointment.

A sample of the book can be viewed here and here.

To order your copy:

  1. Transfer the correct amount (R 300 for the ordinary version or R 1 000 for leather bound version) in SA Hunters’ bank account at Absa, account number 01443990077.
  2. Use your member number and Book as reference. Check that you enter your member number correctly to ensure that we can process your order.

5. Conservation
The Convention of Parties (also known as CoP18) was held in Geneva, Switzerland recently. Southern African countries have started to take exception against emotional decisions by countries against sustainable utilisation of Africa’s wildlife resources. Animal rights activists had a huge impact on the decision taken in spite of not understanding the challenges that Africa’s people have to endure daily and the effect that wildlife have on the survival of the poorest of the poor.

Among the most important decisions that affect southern African countries and South African specifically, are:

  • Giraffe is listed on Schedule II, which means that no international trade of both live animals or trophies is allowed without a CITES permit.
  • There was no amendment with regard to the southern white rhinoceros and therefore the international trade in rhino products is still prohibited.
  • With regard to black rhinoceros, South Africa was successful in having the export of hunting trophies increased to a maximum of 5% of the population, thanks to the excellent scientific data submitted as motivation.
  • In South Arica elephants remain on Schedule lI with limited international trade with CITES permits.

A more comprehensive report on CITES decisions and their impact on southern Africa is available on the website here.

Court ruling on lion bone quota for export
A recent ruling by the High Court resulted in an important change to the lion bone export quota that had been applicable over the last two years. The Court ruled that the quota was determined illegally. This judgement will have a significant impact on the process to determine the export of lion bone in the future. Read more here.

Game species listed on Animal Improvement Act
Last month’s newsletter included information about game species listed as landrace animals in Table 7 of the regulations pertaining to the Animal Improvement Act (Act 62 of 1998).

According to a legal opinion that SA Hunters obtained in this regard, the process for including these species as landrace has been applied incorrectly. The Animal Improvement Act makes provision to list breeds (e.g. Afrikaner, Friesians, Nguni) in Table 7, but not species (cattle). Therefore, the process of including certain species of game in the regulations was not legal.

SA Hunters will take up the matter with the Minister of Agriculture in an effort to correct the error. We will keep members informed of any further developments.

Also read SA Hunters Conservation Facebook page for more information on this matter.

6. Hunting Affairs
Trophy measuring
The Board agreed that SA Hunters can proceed with the training of junior trophy measurers. These juniors will have the opportunity to measure trophies at their branches under supervision of a senior trophy measurer. Once they turn 18, they may register as senior trophy measurers. The first five juniors received their training at the Springbok Branch recently.

Every year SA Hunters acknowledges the trophies evaluated at its branches that meet or exceed the minimum requirements of size or weight of species already registered in SAHGCA’s Trophy Register. These are the trophies of animals hunted between 1 September of the previous year to 31 August of the current year, and that have been measured by an official SA Hunters trophy measurer. Members that had the privilege to have hunted exceptional animals can enquire at their branches about the process to have it listed in our Trophy Register.

Another buffalo hunt competition for R50
The IWFF also received a buffalo hunt in the Sabie Game Park and invites SA Hunters’ members to enter this competition for an entry ticket of R50. The IWFF also have other prizes that can be won. More information is available here The closing date for this draw has been postponed to 15 September 2019.
To stand a chance to win this prize:
1. Transfer R50 or multiples of (for additional chance to win) by EFT in the IWFF’s bank account at FNB, account number 62750708201.
2. Use your mobile phone number as the reference.

Wild pig permits
Members of SA Hunters issued 808 permits electronically for the transport of meat and carcasses of wild pigs since we implemented the system. Thank you very much to our members for registering their farms on the system and for issuing the permits.

7. Shooting affairs
The Inter Branch Team Shooting Competition is done and dusted. The Molon Labe team of Genl. De La Rey Branch won. Congratulations to the four men and one lady in this team. Nine teams qualified for the Wild Dog Award, which is a sure sign that the shooting skills of our shottists are improving.

The National President Shooting Competition will be held at the Meerkatgat shooting range at Soutpan in the Free State on 14 September.

The National Sport Shooting Championship will be held at the Excalibur shooting range at Welkom on 25 and 26 October.

SA Hunters will host the International Gallery Rifle Federation World Championship at the Excalibur shooting range at Welkom from 28 to 31 October 2019. We wish our shottists all the best. They will represent SA Hunters and South Africa.

8. Hand delivery of SA Hunter
Members can choose to have their copies of the SA Hunter magazine delivered at their residential address. This method is more reliable than the postal service. Please check that your residential address is correct on the member administration system and send an e-mail to admin@sahunt.co.za

Anyone that experiences problems with the hand delivery service, can report it to admin@sahunt.co.za and explain the problem.

9. SA Hunters celebrates 70 years
We already told members about the various projects to celebrate SA Hunters’ 70th birthday.

There are still a few jewellery items left in the range designed and manufactured by Maryna de Klerk of M2 Jewellers. Photographs of the items are available here.

Each item is numbered and has a price tag. These are individual pieces with limited identical items. Anyone interested in purchasing jewellery items that feature ivory from the Nico van Rooyen collection, can phone Realda Goosen at (012) 808 9300. Please quote the number of the item you are interested in purchasing. All sales are concluded on the first order and payment received.

Please note that additional costs apply to cover courier services and insurance. An EFT deposit with references of the selected items and your name are required to secure purchase. The jewellery will be dispatched once payment has been received and processed.

There is a lively interest in the limited series of 500 knives with ivory inlays at R1000 each. These Buck pocket-knives also feature the SA Hunters logo.

Make an EFT of R1 000 in SA Hunters bank account at ABSA, account number 01443990077. Use your member number and Knipmes as reference. Send proof of payment together with your member number and contact details to Realda Goosen at realda@sahunt.co.za She will contact you.

The Board of SA Hunters commissioned Ralph Badenhorst (jnr) to manufacture two rifles in popular calibres (7 X 57 en 9,3 X 62) to commemorate the Association’s 70th anniversary. These rifles can be won in a lucky draw. View photos of the two rifles here.

For a chance to win any of these rifles, you can:
1. Deposit R50 or multiples of R50 (for more chances to win) in the bank account of SA Hunters held at Absa, account number 01443990077.
2. For the reference, use your mobile phone number and 7X57 or 93X62 (depending on which rifle you wish to win).

Entries close on 31 October 2019. SA Hunters will use the mobile phone numbers to draw the lucky winners of these rifles.

10. Membership
The membership of SA Hunters is stable at 42 348 for fully paid-up members on 30 August 2019.

Recruit members and earn commission
The Board agreed that a member or a branch that recruits ten or more members per year, can earn commission of between R100 and R150 per member. More information is available here.

The Board also decided to appoint agents to recruit new members for the Association. If you are aware of anyone that is not a member of SA Hunters and that travels regularly, and that might be interested in recruiting members, please ask them to send their contact details, residential address, the areas in which they travel, and the opportunities that they might have to recruit members for commission, to fredc@sahunt.co.za

11. Additional functionality on member administration system
You can now add your competency certificates (e.g. to possess a handgun) to your profile in order to receive a reminder SMS and e-mail close to the time of its renewal. You can add one of each type of competency certificate to your profile, including conducting business as a gunsmith, or a firearms dealership.

We added a functionality for members to include crossbows and compound bows to the member’s profile in order to log the use of these weapons during hunting.

We also added functionality for members to include different types of ammunition to their profile. For now, this function can be used to log which ammunition was used during hunting or shooting events. It will be expanded in future to enable a detailed hunting report, which will provide the organisation with valuable data regarding the use of lead vs. monolithic ammunition during hunting. This information will also give us more leverage to negotiate better deals for our members at ammunition suppliers.

To use the new functionality, log onto the Member administration site using your member number and password. If this is the first time you log in, use the `Request new password’ link below the login button to request a new password.

To add your competency certificate, click on the Dedicated Status & Competency link available on the left-hand menu, after logging in. Once the page has loaded, click on the Competency certificates tab and you will find the option to add a certificate. To add firearms, other arms or ammunition to your profile, click on the Arms, Ammo, Licences & Endorsement link that is also available on the left-hand menu. Once you have firearms, other arms or ammunition added to your profile, new options will become available to you when logging hunting or shooting activities on your profile (see Hunting & Shooting Activity Log link on the left-hand menu).

15. Dedicated status
Members with dedicated status have only two months left to report activities on the member administration system to retain their dedicated status. This can affect your right to own more firearms.

Only 10 020 from 16 391 dedicated hunters have registered sufficient activities to retain their status.

Only 5 924 from 12 295 dedicated sport shooters have registered sufficient activities to retain their status.

250 members with dedicated status have not renewed their membership fees and will lose their dedicated status. Please ensure that your membership fees are paid up if you want to retain your status.

13. Ivory project
The Doctari ivory knife project is back on track after we fell behind with orders and deliveries. This project entails the production of knives with ivory handles from the Nico van Rooyen ivory stock. Only 150 knives will be made. Place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 80 Nnives have already been ordered and sold.

Transfer R5 500 in the bank account of SA Hunters at Absa, account number 01443990077; branch code 632005. Use Knife and your mobile number as reference. Please send the proof of payment to admin@sahunt.co.za

14. Expired firearm licences
We regularly receive enquiries from people that neglected to apply for the renewal of their firearm licences (white licence) in time. There is still no change with this situation. Technically, your firearm is illegally in your possession and there is nothing that can be done about it. The Gauteng North High Court issued a court order against the SAPS that prevents them from confiscating a firearm of which the licence expired.

Keep your firearm locked away in your safe and don’t do anything further about it. We expect that an amnesty will be announced in 2020 and this may be the opportunity to legalise your firearm again.

The Minister of Police attempted a quick one to get an Amnesty declared. A letter from the Minister to the Secretary of Parliament was distributed late last week in which he requested an Amnesty to be declared based on the proposal submitted in 2018. This is however not possible as we have a new Parliament after the election in May this year and the process has to start from scratch again. We doubt whether the Minister will be successful to have an Amnesty declared from October 2019 to March 2020 as he indicated in his letter.

15. Renewal of competency
We remind members to check their competency certificates regularly. Competency expires at the same time as the last licence of that particular type of firearm. If your handgun is licensed in terms of Section 13 for self-defence, the licence is valid for 5 years. When the last licence for the handgun expires, the competency also expires (except if the handgun was registered in terms of Section 16, which means it is valid for 10 years)
Check the validity of the competency certificate and apply in time to renew it. Should an opportunity arise to renew the expired firearm licence, you will not be able to renew the licence if your competency has expired.

16. Training
SA Hunters and the Wildlife College offer training in the hunting of dangerous game. Only members with Dedicated Hunter Status qualify for this training. The course fee is R4 000 per person (Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Hyena)
The next available course dates are 26 – 29 September 2019 (2 places left) from the Thursday to the Sunday.
Enquiries: Liesel at 012 808 9325 or liesel@sahunt.co.za. The following information is required when booking and payment of the course fee:
• Name and surname
• Member number
• Number of dedicated hunter status
• Telephone number
• Preferred dates for course

17. Photography competition
We remind members to participate in our annual photography competition. The finalists’ photographs can be viewed here on our website. These members will receive their certificates on their online profile.

Our sponsor (Canon SA) donated a new camera for the winner of the best photograph. The prize will be handed over to the winner during the congress gala evening at the end of the year. We are also trying to obtain more prizes for different categories.

Our categories for the 2019 competition are:
1. The Hunter (Not hunted animals): Photographs that depict a hunter, man or animal, in nature.
2. Nature Talks: Photographs from nature that talk to your soul, i.e. landscapes with extraordinary backgrounds or colours
3. Wildlife: Photographs depicting any animal life (land, bird or marine life)
4. Shooting a dedicated sport: -Photographs showing the action, dedication, gear and preparation of the sport shooting competitor

At the end of each month we select photographs to add to the portfolio that can be viewed on www.cw.co.za

Read here what to do to enter. Closing date for 2019 is 30 September.

18. Commercial affairs
We include links on our website to dealers and service providers that offer special discounts to our members. Click on the relevant links for more information. This month we introduce one new supplier.
Archers Rock Safaris donated a bow hunting opportunity to SA Hunters to raffle. The hunting package include one kudu, four impala and two warthogs which will be available in May and June 2020. Accommodation for 5 days and 4 nights will be provided at the luxury tented camp. The value of this hunting package is estimated at R53 000. SA Hunters will start the competition in November. Read here for more information.

Archers Rock Safaris also offers other bow and rifle hunting opportunities to hunt buffalo, sable, roan, eland and other game on farms in the Gravelotte region such as Cottondale Game Ranch, De Neck and Transfrontier.

The following providers offer benefits and discounts to SA Hunters members.
• Toyota SA
• Westvaal Nelspruit
• Wildman Hunting and Outdoor
• Hokaai Slaghuis
• Die Wildshoekie Vleismark
• LAVA Vakuumverpakking
• Selftrack
• MAINSU Kragopwekkers
• Cens Digital Gehoorbeskerming
• Uitlaatstelle van De Graaf Autosentrum in Van der Hoffweg Pretoria
• Helle-messe
• Nitecore Flitse
• Fitch and Leedes
• Otterskloof
• Cassie Nienaber – Ladingontwikkeling en Herlaai
• Archers Rock Safaris
See here for more information.

19. Congress and Nominations
The first notice of the Congress on 1 and 2 November 2019 has been sent to branch chairpersons. Enquire at the chairperson about participation and activities.

20. SA Hunters office closed in December/January
SA Hunters is a registered employer and is legally obliged to allow staff to take leave. It has been standard practice for many years to close the national office between 16 December and 6 January.

Last year, the office was closed for a slightly longer period which caused unhappiness among some of our members.

Therefore, we inform members well in advance that the office will close on 13 December 2019 and reopen on 6 January 2020. Should you require any documents in December, please ask for it before that time.

Kind regards
Fred Camphor
SA Hunters: CEO

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