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Branch Info


Bredell, Kempton Park

Chairman / Voorsitter:
Anita Stegmann 
e-mail / e-pos

VoorsitterAnita Stegmann082 498 6708anitastegmann1@gmail.com 
OndervoorsitterJacques Scholtz082 467 9292jacquessc@joburg.org.za  
SekretarisAdelle vd Heever082 621 9691adelle70.advdh@gmail.com 
Tesourier/adminAnita Stegman 082 498 6708 anitastegmann2@gmail.com 
Redakteur Jacques Scholtz082 467 9292jacquessc@joburg.org.za
Hoof skietsake koördineerderWilliam Chandler083 302 4758william@iafrica.com 
Hoof skietbaankoördineerderCarlos de Sousa 82 451 2639erenio@vodamai.co.za 
Adjunk skietbaankoördineerderJan Coetzee084 523 4495 jpcoetzee13@gmail.com 
Hoof senior opleidingVakant  
Hoof junior opleidingTewie Pretorius082 550 7877tewie.lucele@gmail.com 
Adjunk junior opleidingLurinda Pretorius071 333 4264lurindapretorius@gmail.com
BewaringskoordineerderOppies Operman081 899 8918support@irenefarmvillages.co.za 
AdjunkbewaringskoordineerderCordel Opperman074 017 6469oppermancordel@gmail.com 
Hoof Haelgeweer/JagsakeEtienne vd Heever082 552 2806eetee0865@gmail.com 
TrofeemetingJacques Scholtz082 467 9292jacquessc@joburg.org.za
Hoof skakeling en funksiesAlwyn Fouche 083 304 2756alwynenlinda@telkomsa.net 
Adjunk skakeling en funksiesHannes Burger082 856 9720jcburger@vodamail.com 
Hoof bemarkingRowland Mundell 079 527 1249 rowland@spearservice.co.za 
Branch News  
General news The Impala Facebook page members grew from  922  to 925 by 21November 2022.

William Chandler achieved national colours at the SA Hunters Sport shoot held on 28 and 29 October 2022. Congratulations to William. We are very proud of his achievement. SA Hunters Conference: The Impala Branch joined the other East Rand branches in Brakpan for a virtual link meeting on 5 November 2022. It was followed by a social braai in which all the clubs shared ideas and plans going forward to support each other.
The Impala Golf Day is planned for 30 March 2023 at Benoni Country Klub. We have three sponsors and ten 4 Balls confirmed to date, which is good progress. We invited the national office and the branches and clubs on the East Rand to join. More feedback to follow. Shooting affairs
We had 50 shottists at the branch shooting day on 29 Oct 2022
We had 51 shots on 26 Nov 22 which was our last shooting day for 2022. Three other branches also joined in.
Training in meat processing will be held soon. The date will be confirmed.  Activities
Family weekend: Planning still in progress and we hope to share more information soon.
Snake handling: We will invite an expert to give a snake-handing presentation at our next member meeting. Dates will be advertised on our Facebook page.

Shooting days are held on the last Saturday of the month at Blue Gum Valley shooting range.