Biodiversity Management Plans – Aloe Ferox and two Honey Bush Species

BIODIVERSITY MANAGEMENT PLANS FOR ALOE FEROX AND TWO HONEYBUSH SPECIES PUBLISHED FOR IMPLEMENTATION The Biodiversity Management Plans (BMP-S) for Aloe Ferox and the Honeybush Species Cyclopia subtenata and Cyclopia intermedia have been published for implementation. The BMP for Aloe ferox, an aloe, indigenous to SA, was developed to ensure the long-term survival of the species […]

Other Plans and Strategies

Plans and Strategies Filename Size  African Rhino Conservation Plan 1.83 MB  NEMBA N&S Marking of Rhinoceros 2018 205.26 KB  NEMBA National Strategy for Rhino Safety and Security 2017 2.37 MB  NEMPA – National Protected Areas Expansion Strategy 2016 3.93 MB  National Strategy and Action plan for the Management of Cycads 1.67 MB Non-Detriment Findings Filename […]

Biodiversity Management Plans

National Biodiversity Management Plans NEMBA BMP Aloe Ferox and Honey Bush July 2022 NEMBA BMP Black Rhino NEMBA BMP CYCADS 2016 NEMBA BMP Cape Mountain Zebra 2018 NEMBA BMP Gypaetus Barbatus – Lammergeyer NEMBA BMP Pelargonium sidoides NEMBA BMP Pickersgills Reedfrog 2017 NEMBA BMP Spheniscus demersus – Afrika Pikkewyn