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Branches and their activities are the heart-beat of SA Hunters!

SA Hunters (SAHGCA) is an association for members run by members at branch level and the branch activities are the heartbeat of the association. Branches give members the opportunity to participate in hunting, shooting and conservation related activities. Family participation is part and parcel of branch activities where every member of the family is exposed to and mentored in the SA Hunters culture of firearms, shooting, hunting and conservation. With 83 branches divided in 15 regions, serving more than 43 000 members (December 2022) the success of the branch-driven model is unique when one considers that the people involved are doing it because they really care, without expecting or receiving any remuneration for their work.

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1) Branches is an integral part of the SA Hunters structure and ensures service delivery for members at grassroots level;

2) All branches are run according to well established guidelines and principles with a democratically-elected chairperson and committee and financial statements are audited;

3) Beginners are able to learn from experts in the various disciplines – Click here for the article “SA Hunters: A Culture of Mentorship”;

4) Branch members and guests attend and participate in the following events:

  1. Shooting days with a variety of shooting exercises;
  2. Member meetings on a regular basis and at times with guest speakers as well;
  3. Training opportunities for inter alia Dedicated Hunters and Sport shooters, Range Officers and Trophy Measurers’;
  4. Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  5. Annual prize giving function etc,;
  6. Conservation projects
  7. Events that focus on the children


5) Branches keep you up-to-date with the latest news regarding hunting, shooting and conservation;

6) Many branches have their own FaceBook and/or WhatsApp pages that allow branches to communicate with the members regarding relevant information;

7) There is also interaction between branches especially on regional level regarding shooting events, training etc;

8) for more information about a branch in your area, click on the links on the right side of this page or please contact André van der Merwe – Manager: Branch and shooting matters on 012 9098300 or info@sahunt.co.za