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Photography News 2 September 2021

Photography News 2 September 2021

The SA Hunters Photography Club is well underway and the membership is growing daily. The SA Hunters Photography Club is open to all members of SA Hunters, as well as family and friends who share the SA Hunters’ interest and values. Click here to join the Facebook group. Feel free to invite people to join.

The club’s July photo challenge theme was #Big3. Members shared more than 150 photos of elephant, buffalo and rhino for the challenge. Admin selected the top 20 photos and members voted for their favourite photo. The winner of the best #Big3 photo was Sarel van der Westhuizen. Congratulations Sarel, your book prize, Insider’s Guide to Top Wildlife Photography Spots in South Africa by Shem Compion, provided by SA Hunters, is on its way to you.

 Click here to view the top 20 photos.

Click here to see Sarels’ “elephant in the dust” photo.

The theme for the August photo challenge was #flowers. Click here to view the top 30 #flower photos on Facebook. Members are still voting for the top photo and the winner will be announced on the 4th of September on Facebook.

The September photo challenge theme is #birds:

The rules for the photo challenge are simple:
* It must be a picture of one or more or birds,
* tag the photo #birds (this is so the admin can easily find it at the end of the month),
* include the photo information – where, when, camera or smartphone model and camera settings (F-stop, ISO, shutter speed) in the photo.

The prize for the September photo challenge is the beautiful book: Insider’s Guide How and where to Photograph Birds in Southern Africa.

Click here for more information on Facebook.

SA Hunters members who do not belong to Facebook and also want to participate in the challenge can send an email to sahuntphoto@gmail.com for more information, or send photos with #birds in the subject line, along with all the photo and personal information.

Members’ photos are also selected to appear on the page banner. Every 2 weeks the admin selects a new page banner. The admin is looking for photos that are simple but striking, horizontal, with enough space for wording. Click here on how to be considered for the page cover.

The latest page cover is the beautiful flamingo photo by Pieter Johan Du Plessis. Click here to view this spectacular photo. The previous page cover was the beautiful flower and butterfly photo by Borrie Andries Bornman. Click here  to view this stunning photo.

SA Hunters Photography Training

Part of the initiative to promote photography in the Association is training. Regularly photo tips are posted on the Photography Club’s page. Click here and follow the #phototips tags to read all the tips. Soon the photo tips will also appear on the web page under photo photography. The 2nd online sessions with the theme “Placement, cutting and composition” have already taken place with 20 participants over 2 sessions. The next online session with the theme `Exposure modes’ takes place on Friday, 16 September from 19h00 to 21h00 and will be repeated on Saturday, 17 September from 15h00 to 17h00 via Zoom. To register for the online session, send an email to sahuntphoto@gmail.com with the date of your choice. Online sessions are free for SA Hunters members and Photography Club members.

Workshops will be hosted from October, but subject to Covid-19 conditions. Dates will be announced end September. Management has negotiated a substantial 25% discount for SA Hunters members. The two-day workshop costs R2800 for members and R3800 for non-members. It is beneficial for family and friends to join the Association to take advantage of this offer. Only eight people will be accommodated per workshop. Space is therefore limited and interested parties should send a notice of interest to Marette Bennett well in advance to avoid disappointment. Branches wishing to do group training should also contact Marette Bennett. SA Hunters members who prefer individual training are eligible for a 15% discount on the regular price of R4800-00.

Those interested can send an email to Marette Bennett sahuntphoto@gmail.com or call during office hours 082 553 4719.

For information on who the presenters are and to view their work, click here Marette Bennett, Brett Stanley and Refined Edges Wildlife Photography and Training.

SA Hunters Photo Competition

The SA Hunters Photo Competition again received a record number of entries in July, of which 35 photos received recognition. The management of the SA Hunters Amateur Photo Competition has decided to place the DSLR and mirrorless cameras’ photos and smartphone photos in 2 different sections for each category. It will henceforth also be treated as such. The main section is the entries of the DSLR (digital single lens reflective) or mirrorless (mirrorless) cameras.

9 Gold DSLR recognitions were issued to the following members: Edmund Hatting, Sarel van der Westhuizen, Sasha Mulder, Rachelle van Niekerk and Mienkie Liversage. There were also 13 silver recognitions, 9 bronze recognitions, and 4 highly recommended recognitions. In the mobile category, 2 entries received silver awards and 2 bronze. The photos can be seen here.

August’s photo competition entries are still being judged and the awards will be announced soon.

The categories for entries are as follow:

1) Preservation in action (DSLR or smartphone)
2) Plant and animal life (DSLR or smartphone)
3) Our cultural heritage (DSLR or smartphone)

Click here for the rules and more information here.

Send Entries to sahuntphoto@gmail.com with the following information:

1) Name and surname
2) SA Hunters membership number
3) Contact telephone number
4) Category under which the photo was entered
5) Title and description of the photo
6) Place where the photo was taken
7) Camera and lens model / smartphone model
8) Metadata may not be blocked
9) No signature, watermarks, vignette, filters or frames allowed.
10) Photos must be 2 megabytes or larger

All photography inquiries can be directed to Marette Bennett by email sahuntphoto@gmail.com or call 082 553 4719 during office hours.

Friendly greetings

Marette Bennett

SAHGCA-SAHGCA Photography Administration and Coordinator

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