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A loyalty system that will benefit our members

The SAHGCA is proud to be associated with the MyBonus MyBucks loyalty programme. This isn’t just any loyalty programme, as it offers a unique approach which casts a new light on loyalty programmes and what it is supposed to offer you.

Most of us are all too familiar with discount cards that clutter our wallets. Most of the times we use these cards once or twice and then easily forget about them, because they have to be used at specific retailers. But the MyBonus MyBucks-card has turned this concept inside out! This card offers the user more value than any other system, simply because it isn’t limited to one shop. You can fill your pockets with MyBucks by shopping at ANY of our participating partners.

Good service is the key

MyBonus MyBucksis the little brother of AgriBonus, a loyalty programme that was launched in 1998 as a special service to agriculturalists in South Africa. The MyBonus MyBucks-programme adds value by servicing a further segment of the market, namely the consumer who doesn’t necessarily make up a direct portion of the agricultural market. MyBonus was rolled out for the first time in November and December 2010 and offers benefits to consumers across South Africa.

The difference

‘Single spectrum’ is a notion that characterises most  loyalty programmes in our country. This means that you have to buy from a specific shop or dealer in order to enjoy the benefits of points or discount. The MyBonus difference lies in the fact that it is a multi-spectrum programme. This exciting new concept allows members to use their MyBonus MyBucks-card at any participating partner countrywide.

You can pocket points earned on purchases of diesel, lubricants, steel and new shocks – all from different dealers, but with a single card! You can even go on holiday with the points you earn, because Forever Resorts is one of the many exciting partners in the programme.

How to use your card

  1. If you are a paid-up member of the SAHGCA, your membership card with the MyBonus logo is your  MyBonus-card.
  2. If you don’t have a card yet, please visit Zimbi or any other participating dealer of your choice. (See the list below or visit www.mybonus.co.za or www.agribonus.co.za for a complete list). The dealer will assist you in completing the application form.
  3. This card can be used at all participating dealers – you don’t have to get a card from each dealer.
  4. When purchasing goods from any of our partners, please request the cashier at the pay point to swipe your card at the MyBonus terminal. In this way your transaction will be stored directly on the AgriBonus Service Centre system. You don’t have to fax or phone to find out whether your receipts have reached the service centre.
  5. The cashier is able to inform you how many points you have already earned and you can decide there and then whether you wish to redeem points and exchange them for goods or whether you would rather save your points for something bigger.
  6. Earn DOUBLE POINTS on any Nicholas Yale products purchased at Zimbi.

Use your card here:

  • Shell distributors countrywide  –  Diesel and lubricants
  • AlertSteel outlets countrywide  – Steel
  • Midas outlets countrywide – For shocks and other parts
  • Forever Resorts – Holidays
  • PNA  – Stationery
  • Zimbi  – Hunting equipment

For further assistance please contact the Service Centre on 012 843 5660.

Visit our online shop for rewards and purchases at www.TheBonusShop.co.za

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