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Inyathi Park News February 2022

February was a busy month with a flood of special newsletters. We understand that our members take hunting seriously. Therefore, we strive to send important and relevant information to you as soon as possible. Please be patient with the numerous messages. We will not send it if it was not important.

We start with the new and important information first, followed by the regular news.

Therefore, members can get up to date with fresh news first and read other information later.

New messages

  1. Hunting affairs

We start this newsletter with hunting matters because we know our members are preparing for the hunting season.

Hunting of Elephant, Rhinoceros and Leopard

The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment released a statement to announce the quotas for the hunting and export of trophies for elephant, leopard and rhinoceros for 2022. This year, the hunting quotas are as follow: 10 leopard, 150 elephant, and 10 black rhinoceros bulls. These quotas were released in 2021 after the closing of the hunting season, and were subsequently carried over to 2022. The media release is available here.

Provincial hunting packages

Northwest Parks will have an auction of 100+ hunting packages on 1 April. View the advertisement that we received here. The final catalogue of all the available hunting packages will be sent to members as soon as we received it from Northwest Province.  

SA Hunters’ accredited hunting destinations

SA Hunters offers its members that are landowners the opportunity to market their hunting destinations. Contact Boetie Kirchner on boetiek@sahunt.co.za for more detail if you wish to be added to SA Hunters’ list of accredited hunting destinations. The deadline for registration is 13 March 2022, to give us sufficient time to inform members about the packages and destination before the start of the hunting season.   

Hunting of Sandgrouse

SA Hunters offers ten members the rare opportunity to legally hunt two species of sandgrouse during one hunt from 30 March to 3 April 2022 at Askham. This hunting opportunity is only offered once a year.

The hunting seasons for the Burchell’s Sandgrouse (Pterocles Burchelli) ends on 31 March, while the hunting season for the Namaqua Sandgrouse (Pterocles Namaqua) starts on 1 April. On 30 and 31 March Burchell’s Sandgrouse can be hunted, and from 1 to 3 April the Namaqua Sandgrouse can be hunted. Daily bag limits and hunting season restrictions for the respective birds will be strictly adhered to. 

It costs R9 775 (VAT inclusive) per hunter and includes self-catering accommodation and hunting rights. Hunters are responsible for their own transport and meals. There will also be an opportunity to hunt Springbuck rams in the dunes at additional costs.

Only ten people can be accommodated on this hunt. Interested members are advised to book their places with Boetie Kirchner at boetiek@sahunt.co.za as soon as possible. Bookings are accepted on a first come first served principle.

Research on African Swine Fever

We called on members to participate in a research project about the distribution of African swine fever conducted by UP’s Faculty of Veterinary Science. The study results have shown that high levels of anti-bodies were present in blood samples taken at nine out of ten participating farms in the controlled area. On farms outside the control area, antibodies were found in four out of nine farms included in the study. High levels of anti-bodies were also present in samples from the Mokala National Park in Kimberley, while no anti-bodies were found in monster from Addo Elephant Park.

Although it seems that warthogs in the Eastern Cape are not carriers of African Swine Fever, the study did show that the disease occurs relatively wide outside the initial control areas, and is spreading to other parts of the country. The full report is available here.

  1. Shooting Affairs

Every week shottists participate in various Branch and Regional shooting events. Enjoy the opportunity to compete freely.

The IGRF team that will participate in the IGRF World Championship in Bisley in May 2022, has been chosen and an application for their national colours has been submitted. Congratulations to the 5 men and women with this achievement. We trust that you will do well at this event.

  1. Regional events

During the last few years, we held annual regional meetings attended by management committees of Branches and members of the various regions where we talk about the business of SA Hunters. The first regional meetings will start on Monday 13 March and should be concluded by April. Feel free to contact your branch management committee with any queries or matters that you wish them to bring to the meetings for discussion.

  1. HuntEx

In February we shared the good news that HuntEx will be held in April this year. The Police graded HuntEx as a low-risk event. There is very little that will prevent us from proceeding with the show. However, there seems to be different opinions in Cabinet about the status of the Covid 19 disaster situation. The only stumbling block will be if Cabinet decides to impose restrictions in view of a new wave of Covid-19. Diarise the weekend of 22 to 24 April 2022 and visit us at HuntEx. Please note that a few branches published the incorrect date for HuntEx 2022 in their newsletters. The date above is the correct date.

  1. Conservation

According to a recent report by the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, the poaching of rhinos decreased during the past year. Although there was a decease of reported poaching incidents in parks, poaching in the private sector increased. As long as CITES forbids the international trade in rhino horn, options for funding for anti-poaching operations for private rhino owners remain extremely limited. The rhino populations in the KNP decreased considerably, while the numbers in the private sector increased.

Rhino conservation is in a crisis and a lot more must be done to support private rhino owners. Read the Department’s media release here.

Anti-poaching operations

Conservation teams at various branches regularly patrol areas in their regions for snares. By removing these snares, these volunteers prevent these animals from suffering and painful death. Members are encouraged to become involved in conservation initiatives at their branches.

Bontebok NDF

SA Hunters participated with other role players in the wildlife sector in a national workshop hosted by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) to provide input on the process to determine the potential impact of international trade in bontebok and bontebok products on the species. This information will contribute to inform international trade policy for Bontebok.

Sustainable Wildlife Economies Project

SA Hunters and members in the Eastern Cape participated in phase 1 of SWEP (Sustainable Wildlife Economies Project). Phase 2 is starting in the Limpopo Province.

We thank our members in the Eastern Cape for taking part in phase 1. Members can access the initial results of phase 1 that indicates how landowners (game farms and mixed farms) contribute towards conservation, job creation, and the economy here.

The SWEP project (

https://www.youtube.com/embed/xLm6OVQenmM?wmode=transparent&feature=emb_logo) (074 529 9983).

  1. Dedicated Hunter and Sport Shooter Status

Members with dedicated hunter and/or sport shooter status are reminded to list their qualifying activities for dedicate status on the SA Hunters online member administration system. They can also use the App to keep track of activities. The annual reports for maintaining dedicated status ends on 31 October.

  1. Request from the Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument is undertaking maintenance on the museum. A section in the museum has been set aside to showcase South Africa’s rich wildlife heritage. They request hunters with full mounted trophies to donate or lend these items for the exhibition. Members that wish to contribute, can contact Jaco Celliers at jaco@kultuurtuiste.org.za

Repeat messages

  1. Photography Club

The Photography Club started the year on a high note. Read more about the club, opportunities for training and participation in monthly competitions and prizes hier It also provides information about the Photographer of the Year competition.

  1. Special offers

Doctari knives

The Doctari ivory knife project will end soon. There are only 25 knives left with ivory handles from elephants hunted by Nico van Rooyen. Place your order now for that special Christmas gift, to avoid disappointment.

Pay R5 500 in SA Hunters bank account no 01443990077; branch code 632005 and use the reference Mes and your mobile number. Send proof of payment to admin@sahunt.co.za

Memorial publication

Only copies of the memorial books with the hard covers are still available at R300 per copy. This is also the ideal Christmas gift for a dedicated member of SA Hunters. Place your order now to avoid disappointment.

To order your copy:

  • Transfer the correct amount (R300 for the ordinary version or R1 000 for leather bound version) in SA Hunters’ bank account at Absa, account number 01443990077.

Use your member number and Book as reference. Check that you enter your member number correctly to ensure that we can process your order


There are only 87 items left in this limited series of 500 Buck knives at R1 000 each. These knives have ivory inlays on the handle with the SA Hunters logo engraved. Transfer R1 000 by EFT into SA Hunters back account at Absa, account number 01443990077. Use your member number and Knipmes as reference. Send proof of payment, your member number and contact details to Realda Goosen at realda@sahunt.co.za

Humansdorp Koöperasie

In March 2022 Humansdorp Koöperasie offers all Hornady products at 10% discount to members of SA Hunters.

Thermal Imaging Warehouse

Thermal Imaging Warehouse is an online shop that specialises in a wide range of high quality electronic consumer equipment. They stock products from well-known brands such as Bose, Bushnell, DJI, Beyerdynamic, Flir, Garmin, HikMicro, Olight and Umarex at the best prices in South Africa.  Thermal Imaging Warehouse also offers product demonstrations on invitation to clients countrywide where they demonstrate the products in the geographical area where they will be used.. This dealer is willing to guarantee that no other dealer in South Africa can match the prices of their product range.  

Support to members

Many people are still suffering from the economic effects of Covid 19 circumstances. Herewith information about opportunities by members to members.

  1. Good quality, dry bushveld firewood available at reasonable price in Pretoria area. More information here

10. Membership

Recruit members for commission

SA Members has 43 707 members.

The Board agreed that a member or a branch that recruits ten or more members per year, can earn commission of between R100 to R150 per member. More information is available here.

SA Hunters distributed membership application forms at various dealers. Any member that wants to receive the same material, can enquire with Dorothy Ras by dorothy@sahunt.co.za

The Board also agreed that branches that succeed in resigning up lapsed members, will also benefit from the commission. More information has been sent to Branch chairpersons.

  1. Commercial matters

The complete list of service providers that offer special discount to members of SA Hunters, are available below

  • Humansdorp Koöperasie
  • Toyota SA
  • Wildman Hunting and Outdoor
  • Hokaai Slaghuis
  • Die Wildshoekie Vleismark
  • LAVA Vakuumverpakking
  • Selftrack
  • MAINSU Kragopwekkers
  • Cens Digital Gehoorbeskerming
  • Uitlaatstelle van De Graaf Autosentrum in Van der Hoffweg Pretoria
  • Helle-messe
  • Nitecore Flitse
  • Fitch and Leedes
  • Otterskloof
  • Cassie Nienaber – Ladingontwikkeling en Herlaai
  • Dovetail Wooden Boxes
  • 4Deadlock Skietstok
  • Thermal Imaging Warehouse

Click here for more information on any of the above benefits.

Kind regards

Fred Camphor

SA Hunters: CEO

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