Why become a member?

Why become a member of SAHGCA? SAHGCA, better known as SA Hunters, was established in 1949, making it the oldest hunting and conservation association in South Africa that looks after the collective interests of conservationists, hunters, sport shooters, firearm owners and game farmers. SA Hunters has been accredited with the SAPS as a hunting and […]

Responsible hunting and “head shots” ?

Hunting is an incredible privilege and it remain a special responsibility to stop the heart of a living being forever. This privilege should never be taken for granted by hunters and the following excerpt from the Code of Conduct of the SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association emphasises this in a very special way: The […]

Hunting guides – the real hunter?

The memories of my hunting trips over the years reminded me of the role that hunting guides or trackers play. We have all visited hunting destinations where the hunting guide could be anyone, even a regular farm labourer that knows the farm well. His main task is to ensure that the hunter does not get […]

Waterbuck – to eat or not to eat?

The ordinary waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) occurs in a vertical strip ranging from south of the horn of Africa, Kenia, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa, and towards the west in the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, and in southern Zimbabwe, the Limpopo Province of South Africa and western Botswana. The ordinary waterbuck is characterised by a white […]

Activities at SAHGCA branches

Some branches are very innovative when finding solutions to deliver services to their members. Vrystaat Sandveld branch at Soutpan is in the heart of an agricultural community and provides services primarily to members who are farmers. Shooting days at this branch involve the entire family and they invariably end in meetings on branch matters and […]