A loyalty system that will benefit our members The SAHGCA is proud to be associated with the MyBonus MyBucks loyalty programme. This isn’t just any loyalty programme, as it offers a unique approach which casts a new light on loyalty programmes and what it is supposed to offer you. Most of us are all too […]

Liability Insurance for SAHGCA Members

Every SAHGCA members enjoys the benefits benefits of liability insurance as part of their annual membership fee. In the document below is a short description of the cover this insurance offers and a few scenarios of incidents when the SAHGCA liability insurance will protect you. Members who want more detail can read the additional documentation that […]

Lidmaatskap Fooie

Fooie geldig vanaf Julie 2022 – Junie 2023 (Behalwe waar anders aangedui, is lidmaatskap gelde jaarliks hernubaar) Gewonelid geen tydskrif (ouderdom van 26 tot 64) R720-00  Gewonelid 1 tydskrif (ouderdom van 26 tot 64)* R980-00  Gewonelid 2 tydskrifte (ouderdom van 26 tot 64)** R1,200-00 Gewonelid geen tydskrif (ouderdom van 18 tot 25) R435-00 Gewonelid 1 […]

Membership Fees

Fees valid July 2022 – June 2023 (Unless otherwise stated, membership is renewable annually) Ordinary member no magazine (age 26 to 64) R720-00  Ordinary member 1 magazine (age 26 to 64)* R980-00 Ordinary member 2 magazines (age 26 to 64)** R1,200-00  Ordinary member no magazine (age 18 to 25) R435-00  Ordinary member 1 magazine (age 18 to 25)* […]